Lost My (Writing) Mojo….

It could be the (gorgeous) weather, or the fact that I’ve been engrossed in The (unputdownable) Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins or that the hard drive’s gone on my laptop but whatever it is, my mind has gone a bit floppy: I have lost my writing mojo! Any ideas on how to get it back?

I am going out today.. ahem, via the outdoor swimming pool in Chipping Campden… to try to find it!! (it’s research!)

But enough of my moaning.

Here’s the Writers Bureau’s latest FREE monthly competition – this time you can win one of their “How to Write for Competitions – and Win!”courses.

You just have to answer 5 literary questions (but be quick – you’ve only got until 31st May!) And to get you started (as if you didn’t know), the answer to the first question is William Shakespeare.

And if you think it’s outrageous that Shakespeare should leave only the ‘second-best bed’ to his wife Anne Hathaway (many people obviously think that was an insult) then Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy has a theory about that. She reckons that it was a private joke between the two of them – perhaps the second-best bed was where they first ‘got together’ and her romantic poem here, expresses that sentiment beautifully.

Right, I’m off. Now, where did I put those armbands….?

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10 Responses to Lost My (Writing) Mojo….

  1. johny141 says:

    Hi Helen,,what a wonderful poem by Carol Anne Duffy (Anne Hathaway), the intent, meaning, humour and most of all the rythm just hit every pointer in my learning curve, so enjoyable.
    Presently reading Pride & Prejudice, Sense & Sensibility & Northanger Abbey,,, but they have not straightened my Rugby scrummed nose,,, now off to see what this Writers Bureau competition is all about ? not too hard for Newbies I hope,,

  2. Hi Helen, I don’t believe for one moment that you’ve lost any mojo’s. You’re much too clever for that. Enjoy the swimming, and bet you come up with a winning story from there. Imagine all the snippets of conversation, and arguments in this heat….. Glad you’re settling in.xx

  3. Prue says:

    So who got the best bed? I am agog!
    And this weather is enough to make anyone’s mind floppy. I was at the British Museum today (arranged ages ago as part of the Ancient Egyptian evening class) and it was murderously hot and humid. My mind is like a wrung out dishcloth.
    It won’t last. Your brain will kick back into gear once the temperature decreases. Until then, enjoy the weather 🙂

    • Prue – good question! I think Shakespeare left most of us his ‘stuff’ to his daughter Susanna and her husband, so they probably had it! I’ve never been to the British Museum (to my shame). I’m sure it was fascinating, in spite of the heat!

  4. Maggie May says:

    Helen, you will definitely come back raring to go – you couldn’t not write could you? I decided I wanted to catch up on my lack of classical reading, but just can’t get into any of Jane Austen’s stories. I needed something more gritty. So I read Great Expectations and Oliver Twist and really enjoyed Charles Dickens’ raw view of life in London.

    I have just bought Take a Break FF and WW Fiction Special plus People’s Friend and intend to have another study at what’s selling right now. I’m hoping to get some story ideas and inspiration, but finding it hard to concentrate as hubby is in hospital having just had a triple heart by-pass. He’s fine, but I’m not quite on this planet at the moment.

  5. Maggie – I think that’s a good idea. Read some magazines to inspire you. That usually works for me too. Hope your husband is well on the way to recovery. That’s quite an op, so you must be relieved it’s over.

  6. johny141 says:

    Maggie – a get well soon to your Hubby & blokey hug sent.
    Helen – you can,t lose your Mojo if you are one !
    Mojo (disambiguation,,ooh !) a magical charm,, well you are, Charmingly taught us, thats magic.
    Mojo 2 a Mobile journalist who sends stories electronically,
    well thats true too,,you have just moved (travelled) & still send your stories electronically.
    Ergo bloke logic ; you can,t lose what is built into you hence Mojo on tickover so
    will transmute back to normal when this heatwave (enjoy) ends.

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