Jubilee Lines – And a Book Giveaway!

It’s the start of the Jubilee weekend and I make no excuses for going all patriotic.

In fact, given the time it’s taken me to find a blog header that wasn’t (too) blurry or copyrighted, this new design may have to stay here until the next Jubilee thingy (which would be the Queen’s 70th year on the throne and therefore a Platinum Jubilee, of course. What d’you think? I reckon she can do it!)

I’ve also stolen the title of this post from a new collection of poetry, edited by Carol Ann Duffy, which celebrates the Queen’s Jubilee with ’60 poets for 60 years’. If you want to win a copy of that OR, if you prefer, Shelley Harris’ novel ‘Jubilee‘, which is one of Richard and Judy’s books for Summer 2012, just leave a comment under this post, telling me what you’re doing with your extended bank holiday weekend! What will you be writing, or reading, or watching on the tele’? Perhaps you’re going to a street party or heading to London to join in the celebrations there? Your comment can be writing-related, or not. That’s how generous I am feeling! (But you do need to be in the UK – sorry). I’ll pick a winner using a random number generator on Wednesday next week and he or she can choose the poetry or the novel.

But first, I have to ask, whose bright idea was it to move the usual May bank holiday date from last weekend to this one?! If they hadn’t meddled, we’d have had glorious sunshine for all those street parties and celebrations. As it is, it’s looking decidedly grey and rainy, which is a real shame.

In a rush of euphoria, brought on by last week’s sunshine, I’ve bought new garden furniture, half of B&Q’s plant section AND we’ve got a fridge-full of stuff for a barbecue tomorrow. But I am undaunted. I don’t care if it’s pouring down – in true British spirit, the show will go on!

Mslexia Prize
Yesterday I had a nice little surprise: I won a year’s subscription for Mslexia magazine from ‘What The Dickens?’ Magazine which you can read on Kindle for 99p or free on their website.

Yes, I know, I kept that competition a bit quiet, didn’t I? Mainly because, I spotted that they hadn’t had any entries when they ran the competition the first time, so I worked out that, as long as I didn’t broadcast the fact to anyone else, I had a pretty good chance of winning, if I entered the re-run competition. That’s really mean, isn’t it?

But it’s not all bad news.  I’ve also won a writing-related book from the website, which I’ll be giving away on here as a prize (to salve my guilty conscience), once I get it and NOW I’ve told you about ‘What the Dickens Magazine’, you can enter the competitions for yourselves in future.

Issue 4 was just published today and there are a couple of competitions to win books (page 72) and a call for submissions (no payment, but you do get a by-line, mention of your blog, etc) on the theme of ‘Sunflowers’, for the next issue.

Orange Prize
On a slightly different note, the winner of the Orange Prize 2012 has been announced. It’s Madeline Miller, for her debut novel (green with envy? Moi?) The Song Of Achilles. Are you one of those people who rushes out to buy and read the winners of literary prizes? I must admit, I don’t but this one – at least in the review I read here – sounds a bit ‘different’.

It’s the love story between Greek warrior Achilles and his friend Patroclus before and during the Trojan War and the reviewer in the Telegraph describes it as a ‘breast-plate ripper’ (as opposed to a ‘bodice ripper’) and ‘gloriously, wonderfully silly.’  I might give it a go.

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31 Responses to Jubilee Lines – And a Book Giveaway!

  1. Julia says:

    Hi Helen,
    During this Jubilee weekend I will be writing my entry for the Words With Jam first page competition
    (closing date 8th June) so I will have to get my happytap on. And writing a first draft of a crime story for Writing Magazine (closing date 15th June).
    I will take breaks and read Rachel Johnson’s Notting Hell (hopefully out in the garden?) I find her style chatty and cheery.
    Happy Jubilee everyone

  2. J R Moeller says:

    For the Silver Jubilee, I was helping my mother photograph the Queen as she sped past our door on her tour that i missed it. Last Jubilee I stood in a shop trying unsuccessfully to sell things. This had nothing to do with lack of patriotism. I needed the money. Our ‘village’ (which is part of a larger city) is having a do in the local meadow on Sunday from three pm until nine, including that fine old English game, a boules competition. The local paper gave away a very cheeful plastic Union Jack with an heraldic splodge in the centre. I thought about running up and down our street waving it madly (i may have placed that adverb in the wrong place, so feel free to reposition it), but I was told that the flag needs to go to a child. That gave me the sulks, so I’m going to work very hard to cheer up for the fantastic Jubilee that we must all have. Here’s to it (raises glass and gives a rousing cheer).

    • JR, (as in Ewing? I suspect not, but I shall take the liberty of imagining you in a stetson, if I may)…your post made me smile. Why must the flag go to a child? We need to have some fun too!! Cheers to you too – I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  3. I shall be celebrating my birthday on 5th June so I am sharing celebrations with the Queen.

  4. cathaber1 says:

    Hi Helen – I’m off to the Hay Festival on Monday, after watching Queenie on the TV from the warmth of my sofa on Sunday afternoon. I’ve just read Shelley Harris’ novel Jubilee – which I enjoyed – and would VERY much like a copy of Carol Ann Duffy’s book as I’m looking for poems on the subject of Jubilee to read at a concert very soon. Happy weekend!

  5. Helen Lowry says:

    Hi Helen – I shall be painting at our new house and trying to do some writing in between. I also want to watch some of the celebrations on the TV.
    Have a good long weekend!

  6. Vikki says:

    I am in London so hoping to see some of the celebrations – we’ll see how it goes. Otherwise working on some writing I hope, and hoping to stumble across a street party!

    Thanks for the Dickens site tip off 😉

  7. Prue says:

    Ooo! What a great post full of all sorts of interesting things, not least a giveaway 🙂

    This weekend, as it’s damp and cold, I will be writing my last essay for the Ancient Egyptian evening class we’ve been going to since September. So I’ll be trying to work out why and how the 18th Dynasty ended — and expressing it coherently in 2000 words. Mr Prue has an essay to write too but procrastinated by making ginger and orange marmelade. Oh, and tomorrow we might construct a second compost bin. We know how to live! 😀

    • Prue, at least you have rainy weather for writing your essay! Not much consolation for everyone wanting to be outside, but it will probably make you feel better! I like the sounds of ginger and orange marmelade – yum.

  8. Tracy Fells says:

    Hi Helen, I’ve just put Union Jack duvet cover and pillow cases on teen’s bed in preparation for Jubilee – looks very patriotic! Today the sun has returned so I’m convinced the promised wet weather will be blown away and the sun will shine on Liz et al for the celebrations. I’m staying at home with family to have a lazy Jubilee weekend and may rustle up some cup cakes for a mini garden party. Worthing today was all bedecked with flags – personally I think we should bring out the flags every summer whether we have something to celebrate or not, as they brighten up the towns and put everyone in a good mood 🙂

  9. Fingers crossed for a dry day tomorrow 🙂


  10. Know what you mean about stocking up the fridge Helen, just done the same but don’t hold much hope for a bbq at the moment! Instead myself and the two big kids have been to a massive book farm sale and are now planning a weekend of reading through our many purchases… Happy bank hols to all xx

  11. Angela Greenwood says:

    Hi Helen, today my daughters and four of my grandchildren came for lunch (hectic!) My eldest granddaughter is ten tomorrow. Tomorrow my husband and I are going to a Jubilee Party that is being run by one of my daughters, her husband and friends. We are taking our one year old grandson. Hope the weather holds. I hope to find time to compose a short story for a competition I want to enter and do some reading.

  12. Hi Helen, I’m helping my husband celebrate his birthday (today), catching up with some friends and basking in the glory of my short story appearing in this month’s Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special! The excitement of receiving my complimentary copy this morning rather hijacked my husband’s birthday, but he was happy for me!

  13. siobhan marie says:

    for the jubilee weekend my partner has got a long weekend off work so we plan to spend time together with the children catching up with all the highlights of the jubillee unfortunatly cant make it to london so will have to leave the telly on. we plan to celebrate over lush food and sparkling wine x

  14. What a lovely post, thank you. I am having a fabulous family weekend at home with hubby (just turned 40 on Thursday poor dear!) and our nippers (21 months and 3). Today we went to our local petting Farm to feed the sheep and bounce around on the tractor and trailer ride. Tomorrow we are going to a Jubilee party linked to my daughter’s preschool. We are missing our village street party on Tuesday because we’ll be boarding a plane to Rimini to see my sister-in-law. Hopefully we will get some sun there, if not here! I am attempting to get some editing of my current WIP done this weekend: I will go slightly loopy if I have a whole week away from it (never mind having no idea where I am when we return to the UK). I only write on ‘nursery’ days, and we lose one to the bank holiday and one to our family trip this week.
    Have a wonderful Jubilee weekend. My bunting is already flapping happily in the gale.

  15. I’m studying (finishing grad school), but will hopefully get to watch a little of the festivities on the telly!

  16. olivia kirby says:

    My nan was 80 on Saturday so we all went out to the dog racing! we had a lovely meal too. Yesterday, we attended a very wet, cold, but fun Street Party. My 2 year old daughter, Melody, wore a very patriotic handmade (alas, not by me) red, white and blue dress. Today, we are having a quiet day *can smell the brownies in the oven as i type*

  17. Hi Helen, just come across this blog, by accident really, or an accident connected with the Good Housekeeping novel competition in which no doubt I came somewhere in the crowded middle of 7,000 entries – that’s an awful lot of entries. Mine was about an Imperial chocolate factory in St Petersburg, but that’s by the by. In the Yeltsin years. Full of vodka, Pushkin and romantic sighs over the river Neva. Not to be. Anyway, you wanted a comment about the Jubilee Weekend (which is not yet over) but I was, on June 1st, delivering Shakespeare’s St Crispin Day speech from Henry V, in France and to a French audience. Complete with crown and gown “…but we, in it, shall be, rem..em..ber..ed. ” Sounds wonderful in the open air with the echoes coming off the hillsides. Part of a little Shakespeare show that I and one or two amateur actor friends thought we might put on. ‘Un cheval, un cheval, mon royaume pour un cheval!’

    Afterwards we ate smoked salmon and drank lots of wine under the walnut trees. The French, who included their deputy mayor, were all remarkably civilised about it and didn’t seem to mind being reminded about losing Agincourt at all. Or else were too polite to say. I am not sure the audience here (we are back in the UK now) will be quite as welcoming. We’ll see tomoz.

    • Peter
      That all sounds very glamorous and exciting! (and there’s the rest of us getting soggy in street parties!). I LURRRVVVE the St.Crispin Day speech from Henry V -sends a shiver down my spine, it is fantastic. Good for you, socking it to the French (bless ’em). The nearest I’ve got to that is watching Andy Murray beat Richard Gasquet in the French Open today – err, on tele’, I should add, not actually in Roland Garros stadium. Malheureusement.

  18. Erica Price says:

    We haven’t done very much going out because of the rain, but we have caught up on lots of jobs. Sounds boring, but hubby has whole week off so hoping we can go out later in the week.

  19. For the Jubilee my little boy and I had an indoor picnic. It was a bit miserable weather wise here in Wales unfortunately. I enjoyed the concert this evening though.

  20. Maggie May says:

    I LOVE your new patriotic heading, and what a fabulous weekend it has been. I’m sure the Queen will live to see her 70th, but it can’t possible be as exciting as her Diamond.

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