Why do I blog?

Because it’s fun; because it ‘encourages’ me to write; because it’s a creative process and I’m a creative person (something I didn’t realise until I went on a ‘start your blog’ course and a light went on in my previously-dim head!)

But best of all, I like blogging because it’s like being the editor of my own magazine: I can write and publish whatever, and whenever, I like. No-one can say ‘Nah, sorry, that’s not for us’ or ‘It’s too slight’ or ‘It’s a well-worn theme’; I can edit at will; I can upload pictures (usually slightly more interesting than this one!); I can allow – or delete comments; in short: I have POWER!

But there’s a young lady in Scotland, Martha Payne, who’s made me feel quite humble. She is a Super-Blogger. She’s only 9 years old and she’s hit the headlines today because her blog ‘Never Seconds’, which has recorded her school dinners, in photos and a scoring system since this April this year, was banned by the Council, who are presumably embarrassed by the publicity.

BUT, thanks to a ‘Twitter outcry’ (don’t you love that expression?), the decision has been reversed and she can now continue to photograph, write and publish. Hurrah.

Martha’s using the blog to raise money for Mary’s Meals, which provides healthy meals for school children in the developing world.

Her target was £7000. Have a look on her fund-raising page and I bet you’ll get a lump in your throat, just like I did.

My blog’s just a bit of fun. But some blogs can change the world.

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9 Responses to Why do I blog?

  1. I blog as therapy, writing can be an uphill battle to get noticed, and sharing the long and windy journey with other writers is very satisfying! Let’s hope ‘Veg’s’ posts resume shortly on Never Seconds, what an inspirational blogger!

  2. Jackie Sayle (Brown) says:

    I used to blog publically, but got myself a rogue local reporter making trouble, so I made the blog private to stop his stupid little game. Shame really, but blogging’s still therapy, still makes me write and is still fun, and I do have an invited band of readers.

    • Jackie that sounds intriguing – the ‘rogue reporter’ (but also not very nice, I’m sure). Aren’t people odd? Glad to hear you’re still blogging, despite his/her best efforts!


  3. Maggie May says:

    I think Martha Payne is a brilliant little girl. She will go far.

  4. Viklit says:

    This story was so great, when I looked yesterday (and donated my tenner of course) she was only at 27k, I cannot believe the total now. I thought 27 was a lot! Go her. It is such a cute lovely blog, I do hope she continues with it!

  5. A young journalist in the making there Helen, will check it out later. Like you, I think it’s fab to post our stories or articles. I had a story back from p.f. today:(( storyline too weak. I have several different lines of rejects, which I know are standard, I think I’ve had them all!! So, it’s great to say, here’s my story, spellings, name changes and weaknesses complete…..

  6. Prue says:

    I followed Martha’s story with interest and admiration, and was amazed at what restrictions some people will try to put on others.
    My blog is a record of where I’m at (the writing one) and a brief diary-with-pictures (the general one). The group of people who follow the former are all writers and we encourage each other which is great as writing is a solitary and sometimes lonely occupation.
    I really enjoy this blog – always informative, sometimes challenging (in a good way!) and invariable cheerful. Great!

    • Thanks Prue, I do my best! (especially to be cheerful! No-one wants to read something miserable, do they? Although a good ‘general moan’ sometimes goes down well!)


  7. GeorgieMoon says:

    I blog for mostly the same reasons as you. I like acting as photographer and editor too! I’m certainly not in it to gain followers, although every new one is gratefully received. And any comments I receive are always acknowledged.

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