Competitions from The Writers Bureau

Saucy Postcard – please make up your own strapline!

Those nice people at The Writers Bureau are running their usual monthly free competition and this time you could win one of their poetry correspondence courses.

Guess who you’re likely to get as your tutor if you win this one? Little old me!! (You could of course ask for a different tutor. I wouldn’t be offended, honest..!).

I tend to take on the students who like to send in their work – and have it returned – by email, rather than post, so I reckon that’s going to apply to most of you out there, reading this, who are by definition, ‘internet-friendly’.

Anyway, all you have to do is write a limerick on the subject of the Diamond Jubilee – and you can be as saucy as you like! Oooh err, missus! And for those of you who’ve attended my Solihull-based evening classes in the past and wondered why the heck we spent one session on limericks, well, here is your answer! It’s your chance to shine! Get composing! More details of the competition are here. You’ve got until 30th June to get your entry in (by email).

Still with The Writers Bureau, they’re also running a short story competition. This one’s not free – there’s a £5 entry fee – but also a good first prize of £500 and you’ve got until the end of the month to submit your story.

The link to the competition is here and they’ve also printed last year’s winner and three runners-up, along with the judge’s critique of the story he placed first, Making Changes by Sheila Llewellyn. I always like to read a winning story and then compare my opinion of the story with the judge’s. See what you think.

Sheila’s story is a good ‘un but… shhh, between you and me, I preferred the winner of May’s Telegraph Short Story competition, which has just been announced. It’s called Plumpy Nut (by Mary Desuosa), (which has reminded me how an intriguing title can also help set your entry apart).

You can read it here.

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5 Responses to Competitions from The Writers Bureau

  1. Hi Helen,
    Thanks for the links. Can I send a poem that’s been on my blog? Hope so. Thanks.

  2. Diana Nadin says:

    Thanks for mentioning our competitions, Helen. I always think I’m very lucky as I get to judge the monthly competitions and I read through all the entries for the annual competition (both short stories and poems) before they go off to the adjudicators. It’s one of the perks of my job! Don’t forget, as soon as the Short Story Competition closes on 30th June, we will be open for entries to our annual Poetry competition. Same prize money and the closing date is 31st December.

  3. Tracy Fells says:

    Ooh thanks for the reminder on the Writer’s Bureau competition – this is one I plan to enter. Good luck to all who have a go. Not sure about the limerick competition, mine are usually pretty lame rhymes. There is definitely a knack to writing them and wish I could’ve joined your class!

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