Calderdale Short Story Competition

I’m going to enter the Calderdale Short Story competition – mainly because it’s being judged by Louise Doughty and I think she’s great, as you know. The closing date’s 6th July, so there’s still a bit of time, if you’re interested and there’s a poetry competition too.

It’s £4 to enter either a story or poem and you have to send an entry form which you can find, along with the rules, on the website here. (Scroll down to the bottom)

I tried to read last year’s winning stories on the website, as I like to do BUT each one only seemed to be 500 words long… and had a strange ending. And then I realised, that wasn’t the ending but they’d only printed half the story (or less!). Doh! (Why do that?! Surely better not to publish any of it?)

I queried it with the organisers and they told me primly that they were ‘only publishing extracts’ and that I should ‘go forth and Google’ so I did – at least for the one I liked best – the brilliantly-named, “Katy Bush And the Chain-Mail Bikini”. It was written by Sarah Dunnakey, who blogs as Jumbly Girl and if you want to read the whole story too, then it’s on her blog, here.

Dream Diary

I have started to write a ‘dream diary’ in the hope that I will dream the plot for a best-seller (the ‘Twilight’ series started as a dream, you know). Does anyone else do this? It’s odd. Before I go to bed I carefully lay out my book and pen and tell myself that I MUST remember my dreams and apart from once, when my mind was just a complete BLANK (nothing to do with that Pinot Grigio the night before), I have remembered lots. Don’t worry, I won’t burden you with them. Aren’t other people’s dreams – unless you ‘star’ in them – incredibly boring?!

My dreams are complete rubbish BUT I seem to have affected HIM next door (on the next pillow) and he’s remembering some brilliant dreams (rather smugly). I’m seriously thinking of just interviewing him every morning instead!

Win Writing Festival Tickets

And finally, if you’re very quick (closes on Thursday 28th June), the lovely people at The Writers’ Workshop are giving away lots of prizes – including a weekend ticket to the Festival Of Writing in York in September (worth £525) in a free competition which only requires you to email the answer to a very easy question and, if you feel like it, to purchase a book. More details here.

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9 Responses to Calderdale Short Story Competition

  1. Sarah D says:

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my story and good luck with this year’s competition, Sarah

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Thanks for highlighting this one – it looks good! I’ve had some cracking ideas from dreams and seem to dream a lot. My best result was turning part of a dream into a short story which TAB recently bought – don’t know when it will be published yet.

  3. sp56h says:

    I started writing a story based on a dream but then kind of lost the plot….literally I forgot how the dream went (didn’t write down enough) and ran out of steam! However, I do use my dreams to generate poetry as some amazing ideas come up that I perhaps wouldn’t write about otherwise. I’ve written a couple of things about using dreams on my blog Hope you dream up a good plot for your story!

  4. Thanks for the links Helen, I love Louise as well. I followed her ‘write a novel in a year’ column in the Telegraph. My dreams are so bizzare I think I’d be writing in a complete new genre, perhaps it would be a good idea:)))

  5. Maggie May says:

    I don’t have a dream diary because most of my dreams don’t make any kind of sense, but I should keep a notepad by the side of the bed because I often think of great ideas as I’m dropping off to sleep and NEVER remember them in the morning! Most annoying.

    Thanks for the links. I especially like the Calderdale Short Story comp as you can apply by post and send an old fashioned cheque, which is how I like to submit entries – a rarity these days.

  6. I love the idea of a dream journal, but I never dream 😦 lol


  7. Prue says:

    What a lovely story! I really enjoyed it from the title to the last sentence. Awwww! Smashing 🙂
    Thanks for the link to it. A well-crafted story is always a joy to read.

    Good luck with your dream diary. Fingers crossed you get a best-seller out of it 🙂
    Mine are a jumble of the previous days doings with a smattering of all sorts of other junk. Having said that, I went back to sleep one morning and dreamed vivdly about Queen Victorian in Osborne House and wrote a poem about it.
    So go for it. Perhaps interview ‘him-next-door’ as well? Double your chances…

  8. We are pleased to announce that the winner of the World Audio Short Story Writer 2012 is Helen Yendall for her story “Singing For The Terrified”.

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