Choc-Lit Short Story Competition – And Giveaway Winner!

First things first, to announce the winner of my giveaway. 18 kind people put fingers to keyboard and revealed the sources of their writing ideas – and very interesting reading they made too! I didn’t have time to comment on everyone’s but trust me, I read them all.

People got ideas while they jogged, or invigilated exams, or browsed through the Rightmove website (all in the name of ‘research’, of course!). The wonderfully-named ‘Virgoan Scribe’ got an idea which lead to a competition short story from, ahem,*blows own trumpet* – my ‘Stepping out of your comfort zone’ post.

The trusty Random Generator picked NUMBER 1! Which was Adele Symonds, who got an idea for a story from a great first line writing prompt, “Yesterday I killed a man”. (Oooooh!)

So, well done Adele – I’ll contact you to get your address details and the book ‘Life-Writes’ will be winging its way to you soon.

Moving On…

Today I completed the sale of my house.

I wrote my buyer a little note, telling him how the heating worked and stuff (does that count as my ‘writing’ for today?) and when I got to the final lines about how I’d been very happy in that house and hoped he would be too… I cried!

Pathetic. But I’d been there for 12 years, all on my tod (‘A Room of One’s Own’ indeed…) and it was odd to leave. I’m going out with a couple of friends tonight and they will soon shake me out of my gloom. “Do you want to live in that house on your own FOREVER?” they used to say to me when I ummed and aaahed about moving in with Himself. And of course, they were right. Onwards and upwards!

Choc-Lit Short Story Competition

And finally, you might be interested in the latest Choc-Lit short story competition, “Imagine A Hero”, which Sue Moorcroft has just announced on her blog.

They’re looking for 1500 words, you can enter by post/cheque or email/Paypal and the closing date’s 31st August, so there’s lots of time.

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4 Responses to Choc-Lit Short Story Competition – And Giveaway Winner!

  1. Keith Havers says:

    Very interesting to see where people get their inspiration from. Thanks for the competition link, Helen.

  2. Prue says:

    Well done to the winner 🙂

    And congratulations on selling your house! That must be a relief. It’s certainly not pathetic to cry because 12 years is an enormous length of time to stay in one place. One becomes attached.
    I’ve been here 16 years and just the thought of moving (even though it’s busy here, and I’d like to live in Ilmington) floors me.

    Hope you’ve settled in and are enjoying village life. So much inspiration to draw on for stories there, no doubt!

    • Thanks Prue – yes, settling in, slowly, but we haven’t ‘made friends’ yet (apart from with our elderly neighbours, who are very nice and brought redcurrants round last night. Eek, I’ve got to do something with them now – Summer Pudding?!).


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