The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition

If you’ve never had a children’s novel published – but you’ve written one (or think you could by the closing date of 26th October 2012) then you might be interested in The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition.

More details here.

It costs £15 ‘administration fee’ to enter but the 20 longlisted entries will all get an editorial report.

I reckon if you’re in that top 20 you’d have a pretty good chance of getting that book – or another one – accepted, at some point, even if it didn’t win the competition because you’re clearly ‘on the right lines’!

Do all these competitions make anyone else ‘panic’?! So many competitions, so little time…!


I have been carrying out an ‘experiment’ this morning, by the way, to see where and how I waste so much time (t’internet, I’ve concluded). I read about this in Writing magazine a couple of months ago. The idea is that you write down what you’ve done every 15 minutes.

(Obviously in a writing context. I don’t mean when you’re eating your dinner or watching Coronation Street). It’s quite interesting, actually. And it’s amazing how much ‘work’ you can actually get done, even just in 15 minutes, when you concentrate on one thing! (You probably knew this already but I needed evidence!).

Greetings from drizzly Cornwall, by the way. Yesterday was lovely and sunny (after the fog cleared! I jest not) but today is a bit ‘dreich‘.

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3 Responses to The Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition

  1. Hello Helen in drizzly Cornwall, I’m up in fine mist drizzly Warwickshire. I love this weather though, or maybe I say that to annoy people:)) I sent 3 chapters of something I thought was a children’s novelette to Chicken house, they didn’t take it, but reading through, I’m genre/crossing as it had romance in so can’t blame them. Might have another go though. Happy hols.xx

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  3. Tracy Fells says:

    Ooh I wasn’t sure if they were running the comp this year so thanks for highlighting this one Helen. I have a finished children’s novel which is doing the agent rounds right now so will definitely have a go at this (despite the scary fee).

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