Glued To The Olympics

Well, stuck actually. I’ve got the Olympics on the tele’ from the moment I get up to the moment I go to bed. But that is, in part, because I can’t change channels. I’ve got my 2 pages of instructions and I daren’t ‘deviate’ in case I end up with a strange channel showing Russian soap operas and no chance of getting back to the sport until Saturday, when the main tele’ operator comes back!

From a writing point of view it’s been a good day: I’ve marked 3 Writers’ Bureau poetry assignments (which took most of the morning) and I’ve had a ‘yes’ from the editor of Writing Magazine to a pitch that I sent him recently, so I’ve got an article to write in the next couple of days.

Are you watching the Olympics? I am writing lots of tweets (to myself – I’m under no illusion that anyone else is reading them) as I watch – and it’s fun! The diving was a bit disappointing today but the swimming is good. We’ve got a gold medal ‘by proxy’ as the Lithuanian swimmer who’s just won gold ‘trains in Plymouth’. Hurrah!

But enough of this and on to some writing stuff that might be of interest…

Book Lovers – Panelists Wanted

Woman’s Own are looking for readers to join the next Richard and Judy Book Club panel. Each panelist will be asked to review a number of books for the magazine in the coming months. If you’re interested in joining, send an email with a photograph you’d be happy for them to publish (head and shoulder shot) and explain why you’d be perfect for the book club to: by Friday 3 August 2012.

Proms Poetry Competition

There’s a free poetry competition on the BBC website, inviting entrants (in two categories – under and over 19), to write a poem inspired by any piece of music in this year’s prom season.

The prize will consist of the winners’ poems being read out in a Proms Plus Literary event recorded at the Royal College of Music on 7 September, which will be broadcast as the Prom interval on Radio 3 on 7 September 2012. The winner and 1 guest will be invited to attend the Proms Plus Literary event on 7 September and the Prom concert that evening.

If that sounds like your kind of thing, you’ve got until 10th August to get your entry in and there are more details here.

Daily Mail Travel is running a travel writing competition in which you can win a press trip to the American Deep South. Details are here

The writers of the five short-listed pieces will be invited to attend a travel writing master class with the Mail on Sunday’s Travel Editor and blog about what they’ve learned. The next step will be to write a 250 word story on the Deep South and the winner of the public vote will go to the USA, to write to research their full-length article, which will appear in the paper.

I think you you have to be on Facebook in order to enter as you have to submit your 200 word travel piece on the the Travel Mail Facebook page by 22nd August.

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7 Responses to Glued To The Olympics

  1. Tracy Fells says:

    I keep cheating and recording bits I want to watch on Olympics ie horsey stuff and the diving (fit blokes in trunks – what’s not to like!). Shame about her divers yesterday, but looked tough competition. I’m a Plymouthian so would love to see Tom Daley get a Gold! Thanks for heads up on Woman’s Own readers for R&J book club. I’ll definitely put my name down 🙂

    • Good luck, Tracy – hope you get picked! Mmm, yes, the male swimmers and divers are rather lovely, aren’t they? Although, I have to say, I have a major crush on the delicious (and clothed!) Mark Foster! Yum

  2. Hi Helen, well done on your article in September magazine, think I’m in there as well, writing about two turors. Could you tell me with the Wrtier’s Bureau, that competition with the jubilee, and also the one with the biography writing that you blogged about, do they let you know who wins? Or is it only if you win they let us know. Thanks. I’m enjoying the olympics as well, most of it is great isn’t it?

    • Susan I’ve gone through the magazine but I can’t see your piece – what’s it about? Re. the Writer’s Bureau, they usually put the name of last month’s winner on their webpage, when they announce the next competition but I they contact the winner directly to tell them they’ve won. Hope that helps!

  3. Sorry I meant tutors.

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