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‘Random Word’ Writing Competition (with NEW WRITER* category!)

Right, here’s the competition, as promised, which is free to enter and open to all. Hurrah! As people seemed to like the format last time, it’s another ‘random word’ story competition. But, to give everyone a more equal chance, this … Continue reading

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I haven’t forgotten…

I haven’t forgotten about the writing competition that I promised you at 200 followers! (And as I’m now up to 202, I am definitely LATE) but I’ve been sorting out the prizes today and I can’t put the details of … Continue reading

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Celebrity Who..?

Are you watching ‘Celebrity Big Brother’? No, of course you’re not. It’s only me and the readers of the Daily Star who are tuning in. Well, I have to fill the yawning gap left by the end of the you-know-what … Continue reading

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Short Stories And Stuff

Short Stories I was surprised to see Iain Pattison scoop first prize in the recent Writers Reign website short story competition. Not because I don’t think he’s a good writer: quite the opposite. In case you’ve not heard of Iain, … Continue reading

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Something’s Cooking….

Ah, it’s a shame. The you-know-what games are over (except for the Paralympic games of course, let’s not forget them). I promise not to mention the ‘O’ word again. But I feel a bit flat! What am I going to … Continue reading

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So, What’s Your Gold Medal?

I was watching the presentation of yet another GB gold medal the other day (it’s hard not to be a little bit smug, isn’t it?) and commented to him indoors, “I’d like to win a gold medal!” to which he … Continue reading

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More Star-Spotting

I went to the Olympics yesterday hence the new (temporary!) header. It was fun but tiring. We didn’t get home until 3am. My favourite bits were: 1. The wild flowers that are all over the grounds in the Olympic Park. … Continue reading

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Just time for a quick post before my man returns from the far North! I’m expecting him to be mightly impressed that I’ve worked the tele’ for a whole week without him. The Writers’ Bureau have announced their latest, free, … Continue reading

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Life’s too short to ride a Pashley

I have a confession to make: I hate my Pashley. Yes, the bike I bought on impulse and which cost me a small fortune. It looks lovely and the basket on the front is very handy. But I hadn’t realised … Continue reading

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