More Star-Spotting

I went to the Olympics yesterday hence the new (temporary!) header. It was fun but tiring. We didn’t get home until 3am.

My favourite bits were:

1. The wild flowers that are all over the grounds in the Olympic Park. They’re beautiful. I took that photo of them.

2. The cheery volunteers. Where have they found these people? It’s like they’ve all been injected with niceness. If only people were like this all the time!

3. Seeing Hugh Grant! (This trumps Jeanette, doesn’t it, really?) We walked past him outside the athletics stadium, where everyone was milling around buying drinks and food. I wanted to stalk follow him for a bit but I was talked out of it. (And this does have a literary link because Hugh Grant’s best film, in my humble opinion, is ‘About A Boy’, based on the brilliant Nick Hornby book. It also rates, for me, as one of the few films that’s actually better than the book).

4. Oh, and of course, the 100m men’s final which was all over in a flash. Well, about 9 seconds to be precise.

So, what’s all this got to do with anything? Well, it’s more time-wasting, isn’t it? Yesterday was a write-off (albeit a good one) and today I was too tired to do anything very much. Do you ever, like me, wonder where the day (or week) has gone – and what you’ve actually achieved?

I buy the Express every Monday, for the crossword but I also like its ‘Happy Mondays’ column, which always has some good advice.

Today, there’s a quote from lifestyle coach and author Talane Miedaner who suggests, when life seems to be zipping by, that we ask ourselves 3 questions:

1. What is important about today?
2. What must I get done today?
3. What is important about my future?

Sounds simple when it’s written down like that, doesn’t it? But I might just give it a go. Tomorrow.

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11 Responses to More Star-Spotting

  1. Jackie Sayle (Brown) says:

    My fave film is The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain (1995).

  2. Catherine Robinson says:

    I’m going to try and remember those 3 things to ask – good tip! Talking of the Olympics, strangely enough the most productive day I had last week was Friday when I had the Games coverage on my computer all day while I was typing. When someone was on the last lap/ last length of a pool etc I stopped to watch… and blub. The rest of the time I got lots done! Perhaps it was Clare Balding and John Inverdale’s chat that urged me on???!?

  3. Very jealous that you have been to the Olympic Park. We went to the show jumping on Sunday and it was superb (despite the rain) but I would like to see the inside of the Park. I agree that I have worked pretty well with the Olympics on in the background when I have had the chance. I also found at the gym yesterday I ran faster and further because there was hurdles on the TV! Not sure what I’m going to do when it is over. Watch highlights of all the bits I missed I guess!

    • The Olympic park is fabulous but I wouldn’t want to be there for too long if the weather wasn’t good, as it’s pretty much all ‘outdoors’ (except the shop, but that was pretty full, even when the sun was shining!).

  4. sp56h says:

    I went to the Olympic Park twice last week, not boasting it’s just that we went for what we could get and got them all! Saw two lots of womens hockey including one GB match (also went to Wembley…WOW, what a stadium). I’m into Olympics overload but I love sport. Lucky you seeing Hugh Grant, what a dish! My son tells me Sharon Davis walked passed us but I missed her. Spotted Boris Johnson near City Hall the day the torch went up the Thames…not sure how to rate that one!
    The volunteers are amazing, I agree. How do they keep so happy? Nothing but praise for them. Like you, I’ve hardly done any writing but I pushed myself into finding some poems to submit to a magazine yesterday…I’ve found them – aim is to send them today! I guess that answers two of those questions!

  5. I went to Olympic Park on Monday & saw synchronised swimming. I agree, both the volunteers & the flowers were wonderful. A great atmosphere everywhere – I’m so glad that I went, I’ll never see another Olympics in the UK.

  6. Wow, what an experience! Good on you. I do like those three questions… thanks for sharing!

  7. Another movie which I actually think is better than the book is Bridget Jones Diary. I couldn’t manage to get through the book but love the movie /-s.

    Now I know what the funniest sport to watch in the Olympics is: Water polo.
    Watched it yesterday on the tele and laughed my tummy off!

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