You Know What They Say About Red Shoes…

Now that I’ve got your attention… don’t forget there are just 4 days to go until the deadline for my random word/flash fiction/mini saga competition. Entries must be emailed no later than MIDNIGHT (there’s always someone who sends their entry in at 2 minutes to midnight. I love that!).

All the details are here… and, in case you’re interested, so far I’ve had 22 submissions from ‘Newbies’ and 16 from ‘non-newbies’.

As for the red shoes… well, I bought them today, on impulse, when I was supposed to be buying shoes for a wedding tomorrow. As my outfit is green and white, red shoes are a definite no-no but I couldn’t resist them. I’m going to feel like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz! But no, I’m not going to wear them to the wedding. I’ll save them for another occasion!

Weddings make a great setting for a short story, so of course, I’ll be ‘working’ tomorrow, keeping my eyes open for ideas and characters…

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One Response to You Know What They Say About Red Shoes…

  1. PhilippaB says:

    Fab shoes! And no I haven’t forgotten about the competition, I’m still working on my piece – that person who sends in their entry at 2 minutes (or even 1 minute) before the deadline is usually me!!

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