Could You Write the Next ‘Fifty Shades…’?

It’s not me asking that question, it’s the Mail on Sunday, who are running a short story competition in conjunction with Black Lace Books.

It’s free to enter, the deadline is 31st October and you have to be over 18 and a resident of the UK or Eire.

The winning entry (which must be ‘approximately 4,000 words’) will be published by Black Lace as part of a forthcoming eBook collection. That seems to be the only ‘prize’ but it would be good for your profile and if you have ambitions to be an ‘erotic writer’ then it could be just the stepping-stone you need.

As I haven’t even read Fifty Shades I’ll probably be giving this one a miss. Not because I’m a prude, just because I don’t understand what they’re looking for – and that’s going to be pretty important in a competition like this.

There are more details, writing tips and the address for entries (which can be sent by post or email), here.

P.S: Changing the subject completely, I was amazed to see that Aussie writer and blogger, Diane Fordham currently has 105 stories ‘out’ there (ie: submitted to magazines and under consideration).

It makes my measly EIGHT (plus 15 competition entries) seem completely pathetic. What am I doing?! What are your ‘numbers’? Do they come anywhere near Diane’s? (and do they have more hours in the day in Australia..?)

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8 Responses to Could You Write the Next ‘Fifty Shades…’?

  1. I don’t think I could write a story like that either, although I could probably manage quite a few ‘Oh mys!’
    I started reading the first Shades of Grey but gave up it was so boring.

  2. aliceinwritingland says:

    Wow!! Go Diane! I thought I was doing well with fifteen pieces ‘out there’, but that includes comp entries and magazine submissions…To be honest, I aim to keep my numbers above ten, which seems rather pathetic now!!
    I have just started a new, full time job though… (that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!)

  3. I’ve not read 50 shades either and don’t intend to so that’s me out as well. Never mind, I don’t have any plans to write erotica anyway – that’s because I know I’d be hopeless at it.

    My numbers are much closer to Diane’s than to yours. As well as magazine stories I usually have a few competition entries in and as judging often takes a long time that helps keep my numbers high.

  4. Tracy Fells says:

    I also saw this competition, but not sure if it’s for me either. I’d have to read a lot of erotic fiction to know what they expect and haven’t really got the energy darling. Confess that I’ve read 50 Shades (purely for research), but am declining to comment (if you can’t say something nice then keep quiet is my motto). As for stories out in circulation. WOW to 105! I aim for around the 20 mark each month, both for mags and competitions – don’t have that many stories in the first place!!

  5. I write long fiction and so far it all stops at the bedroom door. My mother reads my books and I would hate her to snigger over something I wrote! 105 – good grief. I thought two novels was a lot but I can’t imagine even writing 105 stories!

  6. Angela Greenwood says:

    I currently have a measly eight. All competition entries but I intend to send something to People’s Friend soon. As for Fifty Shades, I haven’t read it but both my daughters have, one found it boring the other didn’t. She said her husband couldn’t understand what had come over her!

  7. KH says:

    Hi. I currently have a lot of stories out there too – probably about 30-40 so Diane is definitely the winner on that count. I’m really pleased to hear someone has more than me hopefully under consideration. I’d be interested to know what sort of a percentage of other writer’s submissions become acceptances. I think at present it is about 30% for me so that’s quite a lot of rejections and with some mags I may have sent them about thirty stories before I actually hit the jackpot.

    Good wishes

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