It’s National Poetry Day!

I know I’m a bit late but there’s just time (half an hour!) to tell you that today’s National Poetry Day and this year’s theme is ‘Stars’ (of any kind). There’s loads of information on the official website about events taking place and ideas for ‘stars’ poems, if you fancy putting pen to paper.

One of my favourite poets is Brian Patten.

I went to see him at Warwick Words a few years ago and he read ‘The Armada’, which is one of his poems that makes me blub… and I sat there, in the middle of the audience, with big fat tears rolling down my face. Embarassing.

It just gets me, right there in the solar plexus (whatever or wherever that is. I’ve just always wanted to use that expression! And now I have).

If you’d like to read and hear the poem, click on here (I recommend that you do both – you really have to hear Brian Patten read it because his beautiful Scouse accent makes it all the more poignant).

Who are your favourite poets? (And poems?) Feel free to share….!

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4 Responses to It’s National Poetry Day!

  1. Tracy Fells says:

    I’ve never heard of Brian Patten before this blog. Loved the poem and his reading – it’s rather special to hear poets read their own work. I’m a big fan of Poetry Please (R4) and am rediscovering many long forgotten favourite poems right now by reading the collection ‘Being Alive’ (edited Neil Astley). Having a recent death in the family has made me realise the power of poetry to evoke memories and emotions…


    Poetry’s making me worry,
    There’s lots I just don’t understand.
    Why can’t the ‘moderns’ just say what they mean
    in phrases not ever so grand,
    but clearly, as if the words that they like
    are the ones that I’ll care about too?
    Or must we admire their jumbled refrains
    and forget what is simple and true?

    • Thank you Rhyme By Design – another thought-provoking poem! (I’m sure lots of people would agree with you too!)

      • rhymebydesign says:

        Thanks for commenting on my poem, Helen. I’ve learnt a lot from your blog, in fact it was looking at yours that decided me to write mine. I don’t know whether you could put in a link to my blog sometime? There’s a poem on every entry I make, and I don’t know anyone else who does that!

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