‘Mumsnet’ Children’s Short Story Competition

Right, before you start reading this, you need to look out of your window. But only if a) you’re in the UK and b) it’s the evening of 9th October 2012.

According to my mother – the font of all knowledge – there are going to be ‘Northern-Light-Like Skies’ tonight. Apparently we missed a whole load of them last night – it was on the news – so have a peek upwards, just in case. I’ve always wanted to see the Northern Lights and this could save me a trip to the Arctic Circle, so I will definitely be taking a look. Please report back if you see anything!

Mumsnet are running a free-to-enter children’s short story competition*, with some great prizes – 10 winners will get £500 each and their story will be published in “an illustrated gift book of Bedtime Stories for the under-sevens” in October 2013.

If that sounds like your ‘thing’ (and you’re a UK or Eire resident – sorry, Philippa!) then you’ve got until 30th November 2012 to submit an original, unpublished, manuscript of up to 1,500 words.

The good news is that 20 stories will be shortlisted by a panel of judges. The bad news is that the 10 winners will then be chosen by ‘Mumsnetters’ (yes, that’s what they’re called). Mumsnet are also claiming copyright of all entries although, if you read the rules carefully, I think what they actually mean is copyright of the 10 winners but read the rules and decide for yourself, before you enter.

There are lots of tips – and all the rules – on the Mumsnet website here.

*NB: you have to be a registered member of Mumsnet or Gransnet in order to enter. But that’s free to do – and pretty easy! Presumably you don’t actually have to be a ‘Mum’ or a ‘Gran’ either!

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5 Responses to ‘Mumsnet’ Children’s Short Story Competition

  1. Great post as always, thank you! This actually sounds like a competition I would be able to (and love to) enter. I read children’s stories so often with the kids, although I’ve never tried to write one, this could be a great incentive (and of course a great reason to step away from tedious novel revisions.)
    P.S. I had a peek outside but it’s too cloudy here…

  2. Emma Wilcock says:

    Kev has loads of kids stories.. I’ve forwarded to him!! Xx

    Sent from my iPhone

    • Yes, definitely get him to enter! He could win £500 and get published! He will have to join Mumsnet though – but I’m sure that’s OK as he might not be a ‘Mum’ but he is a parent!!! x

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  4. Francis Hayes says:

    You may want to think about the implications of this condition of entry:
    “8. By entering this competition you hereby (a) unconditionally and irrevocably grant and assign to Mumsnet throughout the world in all languages all copyright and rights in the nature of copyright and all other rights in your entry, together with full title guarantee and all rights of action to the same belonging or accrued and shall hold the same to Mumsnet for the full period of copyright and all extensions and renewals thereof and thereafter ….”

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