Wells, I Never!

The ultra-observant amongst you (Tracy Fells, take a bow), will recall that I was due to go to the prize-giving at the Wells Literary Festival last Sunday.

They were announcing the results of the crime novel, short story and poetry competitions and I was rather pleased that my story – judged by novelist Louisa Young – came third, out of over 200 entries! And I won £100.

The stories are – for now, at least – on the site here as pdf. documents, if you’re interested in reading them.

Wells, by the way, is a beautiful city. That’s a picture I took of the cathedral on Sunday (yes, the sun was shining too!)

Restaurant Review Competition (c/d 25th Oct)

On a different subject, if you’re a foodie and you fancy having your restaurant review published in The Good Food Guide, then you might be interested in this competition, run by Waitrose and The Good Food Guide.

You’ve got until 25th October to send them 250-word review ‘of a restaurant you have recently visited’ (so, that’s a good excuse to rip off your pinny and go out for a meal).

Ten finalists, and a guest, will win a day at the Waitrose Cookery School and one winner will be crowned an honorary restaurant inspector. You’ll dine anonymously at a ‘highly-regarded’ restaurant, with a personal pre-meal pep talk from Elizabeth Carter, Consultant Editor of The Good Food Guide.

Your review of that meal (presumably once it gets the OK from Elizabeth!) will then be published in The Good Food Guide 2014. There are more details – and the entry form – here.

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24 Responses to Wells, I Never!

  1. adelesymonds says:

    Congratulations, what will you spend the money on?

    • Thanks, Adele – it’s already gone! I took my chap out for a meal to celebrate on the way back from Wells and then I filled up my car with petrol on Monday (oh, the glamour). £100 doesn’t last long these days, does it?!

      • adelesymonds says:

        No it doesn’t go far. If I ever win anything I would have to feed it into one of two savings projects – a holiday or my book writing fund. I would have to enter some competitions to win though.

  2. KH says:

    Well done on your win, Helen. Good wishes KH

  3. PhilippaB says:

    Well done Helen, that’s excellent! The thrill of a win then a nice meal out, what could be better? If your story does appear on the website, do let us know, I’d love to read it!

  4. Catherine Robinson says:

    Many congrats Helen, it’s nice to have talent recognised! And thanks for keeping us informed of all the competitions (not that I’ve entered any this year – but I will, I will!! ) 🙂

  5. Tracy Fells says:

    Well done Helen that’s brilliant news. Did they read your story at the prizegiving? And a treat to visit Wells – it’s a lovely city. Hope you had chance to explore. I always love the ancient clock in the cathedral with the jousting knights.

    • No, they didn’t read any of the winning stories (but they did read the poems – which I suppose was easier, because they’re shorter!). I think it’s a shame that they didn’t at least read out the winning short story. We were ‘tantalised’ with a description of it but that’s not really the same, is it? Hopefully they’ll put it on the website.


  6. Congratulations, Helen! Third out of 200 is a great achievement. And thanks for the nod towards the ghost story comp. the other day. I’ve given it a go.

  7. Angela Greenwood says:

    Congratulations Helen!

  8. Jo Tiddy says:

    Well done Helen! Wells is such a beautiful place too, was there earlier in the summer watching the hordes of tourists. The swans at the bishops palace ring a bell to be fed, but apparently the current pair have fallen out and wont play along! There must be a short story in there somewhere….

  9. That’s a credit to you Helen, would be great if you can send the story elsewhere as well. Well done.

  10. Alice says:

    Huge Congratulations, Helen!

  11. Alice says:

    Thanks, Helen. You too. Enjoy your Rose 🙂 I’m treating myself to some Marks and Sparks food!! Sometimes it just has to be done!

  12. julielees says:

    Congratulations on your win but I have to say that I am extremely jealous having had no luck so far with my short stories in either competitions or T-a-B’s Fiction Feast. Just can’t seem to get the formula right. Any tips?

    • Julie
      I don’t have any luck with TAB either, if that’s any consolation! Just had two more rejections yesterday! (and have decided I’m giving up with them!). Why don’t you get some feedback on your stories and see if that helps? If you enter Writer’s Forum comps and pay an additional £5, you’ll get feedback and the NAWG short story competition is offering feedback from Linda Lewis (who knows a lot about short story writing) for just £3 extra. It’ll probably be worth the investment! Good luck!

      • julielees says:

        Thanks for the advice. Will take it and see what happens.

      • Julie – fraid you’re too late for NAWG (closing date is 31st – tomorrow – I just checked) but try Writer’s Forum and see what you get back. I’ve had a couple of their critiques and while they’re not hugely detailed, they do give some good pointers!


  13. Julie – I’ve just checked and I’m afraid you’re too late for the NAWG short story competition, as they’re only accepting postal entries and the closing date’s tomorrow, 31st October (so it’s pretty unlikely that you could get something to them in time now!). But my advice still holds true – try to get some feedback – I’m sure it will help you.

    • julielees says:

      I could always try to get it there via my broomstick – after all, it is Hallowe’en tomorrow. Seriously though, thanks for the information. Will look into it.

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