X-Factor For Writers

snowangelThe Christmas madness has started! Every year I swear I’ll be more organised and every year, I’m not.

What doesn’t help, is that I’ve acquired the role of ‘present co-ordinator’ for my family. Aaggh! My head feels like it’s going to burst.

Never mind, I am battling on, as I’m sure you are too.

I’ve also been gadding about, hence my silence over the last few days (and the fact that I missed the deadline on 14th December for the BBC short story submissions. :()

Yesterday I was at the races in Cheltenham. There was lots of tweed and fur hats and ‘dah-ling!’ – and that was just the jockeys.

Favourite moment was when my friend and I (who picked our horses very scientifically – if we liked their names or colours), got first and second in a race. Exciting! Although when we went to pick up our winnings – bearing in mind we were only betting £5 each race – the man standing next to me looked at my paltry £13 and said, “That’ll cover your car parking!”

The parade ring at Cheltenham Dec 2012

I was in London for three days last week. I saw two of my favourite men: Goran Ivanišević at the Statoil Masters Tennis in the Albert Hall and Bradley Cooper (not in the flesh, I hasten to add), in ‘Silver Linings’ which we saw in Leicester Square.

I can highly recommend that film – based on Matthew Quick’s debut novel. If you want a feel-good film over Christmas – a kind of ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest-meets-Dirty-Dancing’, this is the one for you.

On the other hand, if you want to be really depressed (in fact, it was so awful, we laughed), go and see Uncle Vanya at the Vaudeville. First Chekhov play I’ve ever seen and.. ahem, I think it was all a bit too worthy and high-brow for me. I’ll stick to musicals from now on!

Trying to get into Buckingham Palace

Trying to get into Buckingham Palace

X-Factor For Writers

And on the other end of the ‘culture spectrum’, if, like me, you are a little bit sad that X-Factor is over for another year, well, here’s a kind of ‘X Factor for Writers’ that might take your fancy…

A chap called Iain Grant, who’s a writer and the editor of Pigeon Park Press (a Birmingham-based publisher of electronic and print-on-demand books), has come up with the idea for a collaborative novel, called ‘Ten To One’, which will be written by 10 writers and “each writer will handle one of ten central characters and write the chapters focussing on that character.”

‘So where does ‘X-Factor’ come into it?’, I hear you cry.

Well, there are going to be judges and a public voting system and every so often, a writer will be booted off, a la X-Factor, until only one remains.

If you’re interested, have a look at the website. The rules are fairly comprehensive (ie: long!) but I reckon, if you want to get stuck into a meaty writing project in 2013, this could turn out to be really good fun and good experience.

You’ve got until March 2013 to send in an expression of interest.

Erewash Writers Competitions

And finally, Debbie has contacted me from Erewash Writers about some of the writing competitions that the group are running over the next few months.

The first one, which closes on 21st March 2013, is free to enter (in fact, you can have 2 entries) and is open to anyone, anywhere, so why not have a go? The theme is ‘Start’ and the maximum word count is 500.

For details of the other competitions coming up next year, see the group’s competition website – and good luck!

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4 Responses to X-Factor For Writers

  1. liamodell1 says:

    Thanks for the link to the “X Factor for Writers” – I’ll be sure to check it out! 🙂

    Nice blog you have here – I’ll be sure to follow! 🙂

  2. Linda says:

    What a busy life you lead! For me, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a last minute rush – it adds to the excitement.
    The ‘Ten to One’ project looks interesting but I think it will take up more time than I can realistically commit to at the moment. But I’ve bookmarked the Start flash fiction comp, I love trying short fiction and I’ve already got an idea that would fit the theme.

    • Linda, I think you’re right. These people who are super-organised and have all their shopping done by the end of October, don’t know what they’re missing, do they?! We clearly like the adrenaline rush!

  3. b31pete says:

    Shopping? What is shopping?

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