National Short Story Day

A Christmas CarolWell, I’m feeling rather festive.

I’m drinking mulled wine (delicious and gone straight to my head); we are watching the DVD of ‘A Christmas Carol’ (Marley’s ghost* is about to appear, in case you are interested…); I have a red nose, (Rudolph, eat your heart out), courtesy of a stinking cold, that started yesterday but that should, with a bit of luck, be gone for Christmas Day and I am contemplating doing a little more present-wrapping later on (it’s never-ending, don’t you find?).

Ah, Merry Christmas, one and all!

Susan and Tracy have nominated me for Blog Awards! Thank you! I will have a look very soon and see what I have to do in order to accept them!

The world didn’t end, after all. That’s good. We’ll all just carry on then.

And, as it’s the shortest day, it seems rather appropriate that someone has decided it’s ‘National Short Story Day‘.

There’s more info on the website, including some specially-commissioned short stories to mark the occasion (one of these days, it’ll be you and me being commissioned to write short stories for this kind of thing. Just you wait and see!)

I don’t know about you but one of my New Year’s Resolutions is do write BETTER short stories and enter more short story competitions in 2013.

And on the subject of New Year’s Resolutions, I’m going to be asking you about your writing resolutions for 2013 very soon. Don’t tell me yet – just get thinking!

* I don’t really believe in ghosts, of course but last night a strange thing happened. Apparently (because I didn’t hear a thing!) at 4am, my OH heard voices… and it turned out to the be the television downstairs, which had turned itself on... . Hmm, as I say, I don’t believe in ghosts…

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7 Responses to National Short Story Day

  1. Whhooooo hoooo, you know what happens to people who say they don’t believe…… Happy Christmas Helen.

  2. simonwhaley says:

    If it’s not ghosts, it’s mice jumping up and down on the remote control again 🙂

    Happy Christmas!


  3. Hi Helen
    Loved your Happy Christmas style and, yes, I shall be joining you in your New Year Resolution – still need to think of some others though.
    Number One will be copy cat that I am – Write Better Short Stories. But to find out why and how you will have to watch my blog …..

  4. Linda says:

    Merry Christmas! Hope your cold goes soon.
    I won’t be thinking about New Year resolutions until after Christmas – still frantically rushing to reach some of my 2012 goals!
    I don’t know why the shortest day should be National Short Story Day. I would have chosen the longest day so I’d have more time for reading and writing. But I’ve signed up for the newsletter so hopefully I won’t miss it next year.

  5. Jo Tiddy says:

    Merry Christmas Helen, thanks for all the encouragement. Here’s to a productive 2013!

  6. Eugene Egan says:

    Merry Christmas, Helen, and thanks for introducing me to the national short story website. It’s a very useful resource for my Reading for Wellbeing classes

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