A Couple of Comps

tomorrow is another pageI decided that black-ish header was a bit gloomy (January’s bad enough, without gloom!) so I’ve changed it, slightly prematurely I know, to the jolly ‘Summer’ one. Well, a girl can dream.

Writing was going quite well at the start of this week but yesterday and today, life kind of took over – you know how it does and I haven’t written a word. But, as the quote says ‘Tomorrow is another page’ – I shall try again in the morning.

Here are a couple of free competitions that you might like to tackle:

Free Writers Bureau Writing Competition (c/d 31st Jan)

The Writers Bureau are continuing their free monthly writing competitions and here’s the first one for 2013. If you’d like to win one of their ‘Novel and Short Story Writing’ courses then you just need to come up with the first paragraph for a novel called ‘2013 – The Year the World Burned!’

Maximum word count is 300 words and you need to email your entry to draw@writersbureau.com by 31st January.

But have a read of the rules and regs (and some tips on what to avoid), here before you write your entry. And good luck!

Arvon Brochure Competition (c/d 29th March)

There’s another free competition here and this time it’s to win a course at one of Arvon’s 3 English centres (ie: not the Scottish one), plus train travel to get there!

Arvon courses as I’ve said before, are highly regarded and this prize is worth over £600, so it’s well worth winning!

All you need to do is write a poem (maximum 14 lines) or a piece of flash fiction (maximum 100 words) with a title that is a made-up word. There are more details on the web page and a full set of rules.

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11 Responses to A Couple of Comps

  1. KH says:

    Thanks, Helen. What would we do without you? Good wishes KH

  2. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Two very interesting comps there-thank you for sharing them. I started the new year so well and trailed off a little this week. Must give myself a stern talking to!

  3. networksue says:

    Thank you – something to get my teeth into! Managed a short story this morning in spite of the fog and gloom! There’s brightness attempting to get through… have a good weekend 🙂

  4. Thanks, they look good, will take a look. Love your summery theme, though they’ve said snow for us this weekend…

  5. Downith says:

    You are so kind to post these for us all. Thank you.

  6. valhari says:

    Hi Helen, I need a summery theme at the moment got those January blues and no writing enthusiasm. Here’s to a writing weekend!

  7. Carneika W says:

    I’ve been reading you’re posts for a while and willing myself to enter a competition.. and finally I think I’m going to try the made up word on.. thanks for all the info on the competitions 🙂

  8. PhilippaB says:

    Thanks for the info Helen, a bit of inspiration is just what we need in January. I admit I was going to complement the previous banner, I really liked it! The made-up-word comp sounds very challenging, I’m putting my internal feelers out to fish in the murky depths of my mind and pull out a shiny and delicious sort of a word…I’ve done various bits of writing this month – but only in my head, damn it!

  9. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Hi Philippa – I do my best writing in my head. If there was a way to extract it I’d have an Oscar, Booker Prize and BAFTA or two by now! Why is it that it’s so hard to translate what you see and hear in your head onto paper (or screen!)?

  10. Jacqui says:

    Hi Helen

    I only discovered your blog in January and impressed (and, OK, shamed) by the goals you set yourself I upped my game and set a few of my own. The first was to enter more competitions and you very conveniently posted a few. I entered the Writers Bureau first chapter comp, checked the website this morning and guess what? I’ve won!

    Many, many thanks for this. I would never have found this comp if not for you. Even better, it’s a book that’s been in my head for a long time now and it actually forced me to make a start.

    Thanks again for the generosity of your posts,


    • Brilliant, Jacqui, well done!! Not wishing to blow my own trumpet… oh, go on then, I will.. but I make that FOUR people now, who have won the Writers Bureau monthly comp through the blog and/or my classes. I am PROUD! What do you win? I can’t remember and am busy packing for weekend away, so don’t have time to look back!! Do tell and well done again!

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