Book Giveaway – The Winner!

Well, I’ve just had some fun, writing out the names of all 30 of the ‘entrants’ for the book giveaway…

The draw 001

…cutting them all out, putting them into a Brighton Rock mug

The draw 002

and asking ‘him indoors’ to make the draw.

The draw 003

“I really enjoyed that!” I said.
“I can tell!” he said.

And we had a little laugh. (There’s not much happening out here in the wilds of Gloucestershire on a Sunday night!)

Oh.. and the winner is: Helen Lowry! Well done, fellow-Helen.

Helen requested the ‘Dialogue’ and ‘Thriller’ writing books and I’ve emailed her to ask for her address.

Sorry you couldn’t all be winners but I’ll run another draw as soon as I can!

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10 Responses to Book Giveaway – The Winner!

  1. johny141 says:

    Congrats Helen, enjoy your books & well done T’other Helen for running this lovely comp

    • Thanks John! Always glad to see a comment from you! Hope you’re keeping well – and still writing?!



      • johny141 says:

        Thanks Helen & a double yes answer, Keeping very well, just finished Wallpapering small bedroom & enjoying a well earned pint & yes writing every week, a “travel/emigration” themed novel & my poetry just comes to me,,early mornings half-asleep but pen /paper at bedside,,Your advice taken note of & in usage,, Cheers John x

  2. Debbie W says:

    Those pics don’t look as if you’re picking a winner, Helen, looks more like you’re rolling something to smoke, lol.

    Well done to Helen who won, and thanks to Helen who ran (the comp).

    While I am here, I am wondering if Johny saw my reply to his comment about the back-to-back houses?

    Debbie W

    • johny141 says:

      Debbie W,,,, I had missed your reply to my Bk/Bk,s viewpoint but have just re-found my way back through Helen,s cornucopia of a blog & read it,, Thanks for your nice comments,
      cheers John

  3. Jackie Sayle says:

    Congrats to Helen who won and to Helen who ran the comp., I have to say I agree with Debbie W about the pics. 🙂

  4. PhilippaB says:

    Enjoy your prize books Helen L.!

  5. Helen Lowry says:

    Thnaks for your nice comments everyone! Looking forward to receiving the books and reading them.
    Best wishes
    Helen L

  6. Karen says:

    Enjoy Hun and if you don’t like them, I will save you the trouble of eBay and you can give them to me! Sorry. Helen xx. And Helen xx

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