Love Hearts/Herts

Writers Bureau – Free Love Poetry Competition

LoveheartsAs we all gear up for Valentine’s Day (I AM joking..!), The Writers Bureau have given a romantic slant to this month’s FREE writing competition.

This time, they want you to write a LOVE POEM, or, as they’ve phrased it, ‘a poem to your beloved, real or imagined’ and submit it to them by email no later than 28th Feb.

You can send as many entries as you like, but each one must be on a separate email.

The lucky winner will receive a copy of ‘The Art of Writing Poetry’ course which means, ahem, that they could have me as their tutor…!

There are more details here as well as some handy tips on how to write a love poem (try to avoid using the word ‘love’, I would add!) and some examples of love poetry, if you want some inspiration.

Berkhamsted Writing Competition: C/d: 31st March 2013

Berkhamsted in Hertfordshire was the home of novelist Graham Greene, whose father was the headmaster of the local boys’ school. (Now, don’t say this blog doesn’t teach you anything).

I’ve been asked to promote a writing competition and writing event, both of which are raising funds for a very good cause: The Hospice of St Francis in Berkhamsted.

They’re looking for a (max) 500 word short story, entry fee is £5 for each entry and the closing date is 31st March 2013. The adult section has no set theme and will be judged by novelist Freya North.

There are some great prizes, including (presumably if you live in the area and therefore can get to Kingston University), this intriguing one, “the winner of the adult category may be eligible to receive a £500 bursary to study for an MA in Creative Writing or Publishing Studies at Kingston University.”

Have a look at the rules here – which also list the rather nice prizes on offer.

I’ll definitely be having a go at this one!

But unfortunately, I live a bit too far away to go to this…

Inspiration To Write Workshop: Monday 18th March 7.30pm – 9.30pm
St Francis Hospice, Berkhamsted. Cost = £20. (All proceeds go to the hospice).

For more details, see the website here. If anyone does manage to get there, please let us know how it went – and what you learned!

P.S: The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that my subscriber number has now crept up to over 270. When it reaches 300, I promise you I’ll be running another writing competition on the blog, with prizes and ‘shortlists’ and stuff, to encourage you all to WRITE and take part – so, if you haven’t already done so, sign up and move things along a bit, please!

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6 Responses to Love Hearts/Herts

  1. Debbie W says:

    Hello Helen, I usually give writing comps asking for £5 or more as a fee an almighty swerve, but I am interested in the St Francis Hospice competition, so will give it a go. Thanks for this and the luuurrve poem also. For some reason, I thought I was already a subscriber. I’ll go check and add myself to your list if I’m not on it already.


    • Agree with you all that £5 is quite a steep entry fee BUT as it’s in a very good cause, I don’t mind either. But I’m finding 500 words a tricky length! Anyone else? I’m so used to writing at least 1000 words, that 500 seems really difficult! It will be good for me to try though! Good luck everyone who’s entering!

  2. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    Thank you for passing this one on-the short story comp, that is. I might well give it a go although I’m a bit far away for the MA!

  3. Julia says:

    I agree with Debbie. A fiver is normally a lot, but it’s such a good cause, so I’ve just entered something. Thanks for the info.

  4. I love this blog post, mainly for those love hearts. Fab, groovy and best pal. I remember giving my Gran one once and she spit it out saying. ‘Ugh poison’. So funny. Thanks for the links.

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