Back from Fishguard!

MondayWhat’s that? You didn’t even know I’d been away?

Well, I’m back, after a little absence (although some of you may have spotted my recent ‘guest post’ on the Womagwriter blog here).

If you’re into short stories for the women’s magazines and want to write a similar ‘story of the story’ post, Womagwriter is looking for more guest posts, by the way!

I spent last weekend at the Winter Weekend (Writers) Workshop in Wales (lovely bit of alliteration, that), with my friend Chris.

It was in Fishguard, which is beautiful. It’s on the coast and was bathed in sunshine all weekend. BUT it is a long way from most places on planet Earth. It took us nearly five hours each way – quite a trek just for a weekend!

In truth, the most tiring part wasn’t actually the driving. It was the fact that we TALKED non-stop the whole way there and the whole way back. (It was lovely but I needed a 10 hour sleep last night to recover!).

We did the ‘Novel Writing’ course with historical novelist Elizabeth Hawksley (this doesn’t mean we wrote a novel in a weekend – hah – but more that we were supposed to be ‘writing’ a novel).

We had the option of sending the first chapter and a synopsis to Elizabeth in advance of the course. All very useful, BUT, to my shame, I don’t have a novel-in-progress. So, I cheated a bit and used my ‘serial-for-woman’s-weekly-in-progress’ instead and just about got away with it!

Anyway, it was all very good (only 5 of us on Elizabeth’s course so lots of chance to speak, write and read out) and I’m all fired up now with my writing, which is good, because I’ve had FOUR rejected short stories in the last few days, which could be disheartening! (I got 3 rejections in one email from Womans’ Weekly on Thursday and another one from them today).

Solo Press Short Story Competition (for bloggers!) c/d 28th Feb

Here’s a slightly unusual (free) short story competition, which those of you with a blog or website might find of interest.

There are £500 worth of Amazon vouchers (that’s your Christmas and birthday presents covered for a couple of years!) up for grabs, if you’re happy to write and post a 500 word (minimum) short story; ‘like’ the Solo Press Facebook page; follow their blog and put a link to the Solo Press website at the bottom of the story. (Shhh, don’t tell them I said this, but once the competition’s over, you could always take them all off again!).

Oh, and the story must contain a ‘business card and a place in the UK’.

Anyway, if you want to have a go, all the rules are here.

I might do it, so don’t be surprised if a strange and unexpected story appears on this blog any day now…

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8 Responses to Back from Fishguard!

  1. Tracy Fells says:

    Good to have you back Helen – of course we missed you! Thanks for the competition heads up.

  2. Linda says:

    I’m envious – just looked at the workshop website and it looks wonderful. Writing is mostly a solitary occupation but I’m sure that swapping ideas and experiences with other writers gives your own writing – and confidence – a boost.

  3. juliathorley says:

    Sorry, bit slow responding to this. That Solopress thing is intriguing – but what a great example of marketing! I might have a go, too.

    • Julia the Solopress thing is not all one-sided, either. They are putting links to some (all? not sure)entries on their Facebook page which means, if people click through, it will bring them to your blog. So you could get a few more ‘followers’ as a result. I’ve certainly been clicking on a few, to read what everyone else is submitting! It’s impossible to know what kind of story they’re looking for, of course! good luck if you do enter.


      • juliathorley says:

        Definitely worth at shot, I’m thinking. 🙂

      • juliathorley says:

        ‘A shot’, that is.

      • Yes, I think so. I can’t imagine they’ll have that many entries. Not only do they want a story (and not many people can be bothered to write a story unless they are mad, like us), you also have to jump through quite a few hoops in order to ‘qualify’ – like them on Facebook, etc etc.


      • juliathorley says:

        Well, I’ve just posted my Solopress entry to them and put it on my blog as per instructions.

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