Divine poetry competitionApologies if this post has you reaching for naughtinesses but I have two yummy chocolate–themed writing competitions to tell you about.

Choc-Lit’s Winter Short Story Competition c/d 28th Feb

Sorry, there’s not much time to get your entries in for this one (but we like a tight deadline, don’t we…?).

The people at Choc-Lit (‘Where heroes are like chocolate – irresistible!’) are looking for stories of up to 1500 words, in which the central theme is ‘hot chocolate’! And you can interpret that any way you like. The entry fee is a reasonable £3 and – oh, how pleasing – you can email your entry and pay by Paypal. Most convenient! (it’s also open to entries from outside the UK).

First prize is £200 plus publication on the Choc-Lit website and a tin of Fortnum & Mason’s hot chocolate. Have a look at the website if that’s whetted your appetite.

Fellow-blogger Tracy Fells won Choc-Lit’s last competition in the ‘Summer’ of 2012, with her intriguingly-entitled story ‘Phoenix & Marilyn’ and you can click through to read that on the website, if you want to get an idea of the standard and type of story they might be looking for.

Hmm, just noticed that you can still read Lucy Mouland’s winning story from the Feb 2012 competition too (at the bottom of the page). Laura E James was runner up in the Summer competition and Laura James was runner up in February. The same person? I wonder if she’s going for the hat trick this time?!

Divine Poetry Competition c/d 30th April (UK & Northern Ireland only)

This one is FREE to enter and there’s a big bag of choccie goodies and £30 of book tokens for each winner in the three categories (7-11, 12-16 and 17 and over, which, I guess, is most of us!).

The theme this year, for what will be their 11th poetry competition, is “Chocolate is something to cherish.”

You can read and listen to last year’s winners here. And who could blame you if, to get in the mood for either of these you simply have to have a mug of cocoa or a big block of chocolate? If anyone asks, it’s research.

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5 Responses to Chocolate!

  1. Laura E James. That name sounds familiar. L.E.James. E.L.James. Erica James. Laura Erica James?

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Sorry but Laura E James is not you-know-who. I follow her on twitter and FB and she’s a different writer – though I did wonder at first. Thanks for the mention Helen – it was a treat to win this competition and can’t decide whether to enter or not. I try not to go back if I’ve been successful but I do have a story that fits the theme…My poetry, on any subject, is not divine so even with the promise of chocolate for free entry I may decline that one!

    • Tracy, I’m busy writing something for the Choc-Lit competition so I should perhaps be disuading (sp?) you from entering again but what the heck -go for it! It would be quite funny if you won again (and it’s all anonymous, so you could!)


  3. Hi – just caught up with you 🙂 Many thanks for the mention. Yes, they are both me, sometimes with the E, sometimes, in moments of pure abandon, I leave the E to it’s own devices 🙂 I included my E because many years ago, shortly after I acquired James as a surname, I Googled my new married name. Turned out Laura James was an American adult movie star. Since I am not particularly flexible, and I write, not act, I thought adding my E was a sensible move.
    As it happens, I am a huge fan of Erica James – Love and Devotion is one of my favourite books, but I am neither her nor E L James, nor share the success.
    Lovely to ‘meet’ you here.
    Kind regards
    Laura E. James/Laura James.

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