Trying To Snow.. Trying To Write

snowflakesIt’s freezing out there, isn’t it? It’s ‘trying’ to snow, as they say, at the moment but it’s that blasted ‘wind chill factor’ that’s the worst thing. Brrr!

This morning I met up with my writing buddy, Sally, to discuss our first quarter’s writing (first quarter?! Eek, I am in a panic now) and set ourselves some more writing goals.

One thing we both agreed on is that there’s not enough TIME to do everything we want to do. (I always seem to be getting into bed! How does bedtime come around so quickly?!).

If you feel like that too, then you might find Simon Whaley’s book, The Positively Productive Writer useful and/or this: The Writers Bureau are running another free competition, this time to win an Effective Time Management Course. To enter, you’ve got until 31st March to email them your tips for fitting writing into your everyday life. There are more details here. (Scroll down – it’s after the winners of the Love Poetry competition).

P.S: I’ve been shamelessly pinning up flyers anywhere I can and I’ve had a few enquiries about my Creative Writing course, hopefully starting 18th April. Three people are now signed up, with another couple of ‘maybes’ – and I’ve still got lots of marketing to do (eg: press releases later today), so fingers crossed!

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17 Responses to Trying To Snow.. Trying To Write

  1. Catherine Robinson says:

    Hi Helen – Regarding your new writing course , I know couple of people in your vicinity – shall I send them a link to your blog in case they are budding writers?
    All the best – Catherine

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    My husband is home because of the snow – so although it’s lovely to have him here, my precious writing time has gone for a burton (I can only write when I’m on my own). Hope you get lots more interest in your course, Helen and I liked your article in Writing Mag.

    • Wendy, I am like that too – I can only write if I’m on my own!! can’t concentrate otherwise, which I don’t think they understand, do they?


  3. Hayley Jones says:

    I’ll have to check out the Simon Whaley book – I seem to be in a constant state of demotivation/lethargy lately!

  4. Downith says:

    Good luck with the writing course. Maybe leave some marketing material at the library?

    • Hmm, you’d think that would be the right thing to do, wouldn’t you, but my local library is a bit ‘funny’ about that, because I’m not a charity and if they let me put my flyer up, in theory, all the small businesses in the town would want to put their flyers up!! (Although, I argued – politely – my course is at least something ‘literary’ and therefore might be of interest to library-goers!). I did eventually find a sympathetic lady in the library who said she’d put my flyer up, regardless, but I haven’t been in to see if anyone’s taken it down yet!

  5. Thanks for the competition link Helen. Have you got a local college? Or are there any good cafe’s that would let you put a poster up? I’d come if I lived near…

  6. jotiddyJ says:

    Local bookshops? there a good one in Chipping Norton, which I think is quite close to you. You are slightly too far away from me, otherwise I’d be there! Good shout out for you in Writing Magazine I notice.

  7. Helen Barbour says:

    Helen, your line about always being on the way to bed made me laugh out loud – thanks! I know what you mean, I feel as if I clean my teeth 27 times a day, the speed with which that task keeps coming around. Re your last post, your choice of dog sounds lovely.

  8. Philippa says:

    It’s snowing too here in South West France, I’m outraged! Thanks for the tip about the book, I like that title, sounds nice and practically inspiring. And good to know you’ve got your first students signed up, I’m sure you’ll get to the number you’re aiming for…

  9. Tracy Fells says:

    One day later and all snow gone here – blasted away by the sun. My problem has been getting sufficiently good ideas to write about. Whenever I finish a short story I am terrified I’ll never have another idea! Hope your course is booked out soon – shame I live too far away otherwise I’d be signing up for certain.

    • Aw, thanks Tracy, it would be great to have you there – and everyone else who said they’d come along if only they lived nearer! As for ideas.. I know what you mean. But I don’t think you will run out! My problem is not giving myself enough time to do something half decent with the idea (eg: for a competition). Just decided what I’m going to write my Mslexia story on. I have half a draft from a few weeks ago, so we’ll see…


  10. Linda says:

    But if I won the Effective Time Management Course would I have time to do it? 🙂
    I certainly haven’t solved the disappearing time problem but one thing that has helped me is changing my priorities. Instead of trying to fit my writing around other commitments (and there was always something more important to do) I decided that writing had to be my main occupation and everything else would have to be squeezed into my ‘spare’ time.
    For example, I found that if I had a whole morning to clean the house, that is exactly how long it would take me – and no time for writing! But if I wrote all morning, and then allowed myself a short housework break, the house was cleaned in a fraction of the time.

    • Philippa says:

      Linda, how true that is! The task expands to fit the time…you should enter the comp with this as your tip. 🙂

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