It’s The Weekend!

Red Nose DayMarch 15th. It’s Red Nose Day! Also my nephew’s birthday (Happy Birthday, Jack! Your Nintendo DS game is on its way) AND, today, the results of a local short story competition I entered, were supposed to have been announced.

But, so far, there’s nothing – and it’s now the evening, so it’s safe to assume that it will be Monday before the results are announced.

PLEASE can someone make competition organisers understand that we, the entrants, are WAITING and we (foolishly) BELIEVE them when they give us a date for ‘announcing the results’! It is a little.. annoying… (as if you hadn’t guessed).

But enough moaning.

It’s Friday night and I’m chilling out in front of an open fire and watching Comic Relief on the TV (I bought raffle tickets at the gym today, so I have paid my dues!). I’m also partaking of a few glasses of the old Mateus Rose (it’s pink, therefore not alcoholic)

A few comps to tell you about first, though:

Flash Fiction: c/d 25th March

Those nice people at the Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook are running a free ‘flash fiction’ competition (200 words max). You’ve got until 25th March to send them your entry, which must be on the theme of ‘alienation’ and/or ‘the quest for belonging’.

The prizes are signed books and tickets for a literary event (in London, though – be warned!). Have a look here and see if it tickles your fancy.

The Rubery Book Award

And, at the other end of the spectrum, The International Rubery Book Award offers a £1000 prize for self-published books (including e-books) and books published by independent publishers.

It’s not an award for unpublished novels but may still be of interest to some of you out there and I promised someone I’d give it a little ‘plug’. There’s more information here.

And the closing date for this year’s awards is 30th April. It costs £35 to enter but I suppose there is a lot of reading and admin involved in this kind of competition – and the prizes are fairly substantial.

The organisers also run an annual short story competition but, I’ve enquired and the details for this year’s – which is likely to close in the Autumn – won’t be on the website until the Summer, as they like to concentrate on the Book Award first and then move on to the short story competition.

Now, if it was me, I’d be promoting the short story competition as soon as possible – ie: NOW – but maybe that’s why I run around like a headless chicken most of the time: I try to do too much!

Details of last year’s short story competition are here, if this is one that you’d like to get on your radar.

And while they don’t publish the 2012 winners’ complete stories on the website, they do give a resume of the shortlisted stories, which makes for quite interesting reading and/or you can buy the anthologies of the 2011 and 2012 winners from the website. (Hmm, interestingly, I’ve just noticed that one of the winners has just been ‘highly commended’ in another competition, since the Rubery Short Story competition! I thought you weren’t supposed to enter the same story, simultaneously, in more than competition! Clearly I’m a bit behind the times..!)

Cheers and have a good weekend!

Mateus Moment

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6 Responses to It’s The Weekend!

  1. Nanny_cool says:

    I will just have the Mateus please x

  2. Thanks for this. The Rubery Book Award looks interesting, although I might have to research previous winners a bit more – £35 is a hefty entry fee! 🙂 (Can I keep my wine chillin until I finish my antibiotics please?)

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    Hi Helen. Have nominated you for an award – just pop over to my blog for details.

  4. Debbie W says:

    Have you heard from the local competition organisers yet, Helen? If it’s a new competition, ie perhaps they’ve not organised one before, then it may be they haven’t realised how much work is involved and not planned accordingly. That might be the reason for their non-announcement. Thankfully, have so far managed to keep within their specified timings.

    As for the Rubery not announcing their later competition sooner, if you see what I mean, well, some people just don’t like to be rushed and if that’s they like way to do things, then they should stick by it. For me, I prefer to have plenty of time to think about an entry before submitting, although there are some people who use short deadlines as a type of kickstart.

    Hope you’ve had a lovely weekend.

    • Debbie
      No, still no word from the competition organisers! It’s not a new competition either! But never mind, I will forgive them if they make the announcement tomorrow (only 3 days late!).
      Good for you for sticking to your timings. That will encourage people to enter your comps – I know it would me!
      Yes, I agree with you about Rubery, it’s up to them when they announce their short story competition and perhaps they think that if they do it too early, people will then just forget about it. I’ll flag it again once it’s up on their website.

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