‘Prima’ Now Taking Short Stories

Keep Calm And Write OnWe are up to our eyes in doggy toys, bedding and a stair gate! It looks like we’re having a (very- advanced- already-able-to- walk) baby!

Next Wednesday is B-Day when we’re picking Bonnie up. Very excited. If you don’t like puppies (who …who..??!), then you may wish to avoid this blog for a couple of weeks from 10th April. Yes, there will be photos.

Good News for Short Story Writers

The lovely Prima Magazine is now printing an 800 word short story every month and paying £100 to the writer. Hurrah! Actually, my story was in the last issue and I got a Kobo e-reader rather than cash (still very handy – I’m not complaining! Just got to work out how to use the blinking thing now!)

Here’s what you need to know… (from the people at Prima):

“Do you have a way with words and want to win £100? We’d love to receive your creative short stories to publish in the ‘Your Winning Short Story’ section of the mag – and if printed, you’ll receive £100! Simply email your 800 word entries to: yourwinningstory@hearst.co.uk. Good luck!”

Now, get writing! I’d love to see some Prima successes reported on the blog, so go forth and pick up thy pen… or, plug in the laptop! (doesn’t have quite the same ring, does it?)

Crime Novelists (on Facebook!)

If crime is more your thing (writing about it, preferably, not actually doing it), then you might be interested in this free competition which I saw reported on Writing Magazine’s website here.

Crime Writer ‘M. R Hall’ (who is not known to me but then I know nothing about crime fiction!) has published a series of crime-writing tutorials on his Facebook page and he’s running a competition to win a place on a weekend intensive course with the man himself (hmm, wonder what ‘M.R’ stands for?), plus a detailed critique from Mantle editor Sophie Orme and a pack of crime novels.

If you’re not on Facebook, I assume that means you can’t enter, as you have to ‘like’ the page and all that. But you’re all on Facebook, aren’t you..?!

So, what do you have to do? Well, “Write an opening page for a crime novel that grabs readers’ attention and sets up the story and one or more of the principal characters.” The competition is free to enter and you can send “up to 2000 characters” (you enter via a form on the Facebook page. The 2000 characters means letters, by the way, not people in your book! Tee hee) and the closing date is 30th April. Sorry but you have to be a UK resident and you can only send in one entry.

If anyone wins, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find out what ‘M.R’ stands for (my guess is “Maximillian Ralph” – pronounced ‘raif’, of course!)

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22 Responses to ‘Prima’ Now Taking Short Stories

  1. Thanks for this, Helen – think I might have a go at the crime competition. I’ve never heard of MR Hall but I think he looks quite fanciable in his Facebook picture!

    • Hmm, yes he does, actually. Which is why I’m interested in his ‘real’ name!! If you won the course, you could just sit and stare at him… (ooh, is that sexist?!)


  2. Hi Helen, thanks for the info on Prima. You are being a bit sexist, but I bet he wouldn’t mind.

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    That’s good news about Prima – I just find it near impossible to write anything shorter than 2000 words.

  4. Jenny Roman says:

    Thanks for letting us know about Prima – great news, though like Wendy, I fear the word count might cause some headaches. I like both flash fiction and longer stories, but 800 words is a funny length to play with. Still, it’s good to have a challenge!
    PS: Just going on Facebook now to check out M R Hall……! 😉

  5. ados123 says:

    Thanks for the tip about Prima – I shall look out for their story slot.

  6. Keith Havers says:

    Thanks for sharing the news about Prima, Helen.

  7. Linda says:

    Good news about Prima, I’ll see if I can come up with something for them.
    I like reading crime novels but I don’t think I’m devious enough to work out an original plot for one.

  8. Tracy Fells says:

    Thanks for the heads up on Prima – that is good news! Is the issue with your story still in the shops Helen? And sooo looking forward to puppy blog and photos. My son and hubby seriously allergic to cat/dog hair so we can’t have anything furry, so I will be living out my dog-owning fantasies via your blog.

    • Tracy No, I’m afraid the issue with my story in is no longer ‘out there’. I kept it a bit low-profile, mostly because I shamelessly (and fairly loosely) based it on a friend’s real experience of widowhood and a few people thought it might upset her if she read it (eek! the dangers of being a sponge-like writer!), so I didn’t want her to see it. And thankfully, she hasn’t. You have to be a bit careful, don’ you, when you ‘use’ stuff???


      • Wendy Clarke says:

        This has happened to me twice now. I wrote two stories when i first started writing last year that were based loosely around something that friends had told me. When I found out they had been sold I didn’t know what to do. Eventually I plucked up the courage to go round and tell them. Luckily they were fine about it but I was sick with worry in case I had upset anyone – it was a harsh lesson but I’ve been extra careful since then.

      • Yes, I know what you mean, Wendy. I wrote another story, based on something my friend told me about her parents (nothing horrible!) but I made up an ending (the original ‘story’ was only an anecdote) but my friend, who was fine with me writing about the original anecdote, was worried that her mum would be upset by the new ending – so the whole thing had to stay ‘secret’ and I wished I’d never written the blasted thing! In the end, she did tell them – and showed them the story, which had some lovely pictures with it - and enough time had passed by then for it not to matter but it taught me a lesson too! If I wrote an article on this subject (‘Be careful what you ‘use’!’), would you be able to give me a quote, do you think? thanks!


      • Wendy Clarke says:

        Yes of course I can certainly give you a quote if you decide to go ahead with the article. The worst bit with my story was that the beautiful picture that went with the story by total coincidence turned out to look uncannily like the person I had based the story around! As we have both found out, this is a very tricky subject and an experience I certainly don’t want to repeat.

  9. Maggie May says:

    I came across your story while in the hairdressers, and must admit I had to hide a tear in my eye. It was a lovely story.

  10. Thanks for this! I’ll definitely be trying the Prima comp…and I for one am very much looking forward to those puppie pics!

  11. Ali Newman says:

    Thanks very much. I have found your blog so helpful. I hope to send some work to Prima now as well as trying at Woman’s Weekly. Your blog is great.

  12. Fay Knowles says:

    Thanks for the tip about Prima Magazine’s “Your Winning Short Story”. I submitted a story to them at yourwinningstory@hearst.co.uk on November 12, 2014, as suggested, but didn’t receive an auto response from them. I wonder if I should resend, using “Request Read Receipt”?

    • Fay – do they say that you get an auto-reponse? I’ve sent about 3 stories to them (1 was accepted – yeh!) but I don’t remember getting any response, one way or the other, until I got the phone call to say they wanted to publish one of the stories. So it might be a case of sitting tight until you hear something?

  13. Fay Knowles says:

    Many congratulations on your publishing successes! No, they didn’t say anything about auto-response. I guess I’ll just hang in there and wait. Do you know if they give any indication of response time, so I’ll know when to resubmit elsewhere if I don’t hear from them?

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