It’s (not) Criminal! 2 FREE Crime Short Story competitions

mini-Bank RobberYes, I am up at 6am these days, so I have more time to blog and write. Which is good. And perhaps the fact that I’m slightly zombified while I do it won’t matter.

Here are a couple of FREE crime Short story writing competitions that might tickle your fancy:

GKBCinc Crime Short Story competition c/d 30th June

GKBC – which stands for ‘giving kudos to brilliant content’ – is a collective of bloggers dedicated to offering inspiring content to help writers develop their online skills.

They’re are running a free short story competition – open to anyone, anywhere in the world. Your story (max 2000 words) needs to have a crime ‘theme’ but can be any ‘genre’ (so, it can be a romance, for example, but would need to include some kind of crime. They’re not necessarily looking for police procedure/detective type crime stories).

The winning entries will be announced at the end of September.

First prize is £100 + publication on the website + an author interview + the story will be the lead story in an anthology of short stories to be published by GKBCinc.

2 runners-up will receive a cash prize and have their stories published on the website and in the anthology and then a further 7 shortlisted entries will be published in the anthology (so that will be your ‘prize’ if you’re one of the 7. Don’t enter if you don’t like the sound of handing over your story for ‘no gain’ apart from the kudos of being in an anthology! Personally I’d rather have a story ‘out there’ and being read, than sitting on my computer file but it’s your decision).

Cremona Hotel Crime Short Story Competition c/d 31st August

The Cremona hotel in Bournemouth is running a crime short story competition (open to residents of GB and N.I) and the prize is a weekend at the hotel on a b&b basis and £50 spends (bless, that’s not exactly a fortune is it? But it’ll buy you a few ice creams!). There are runners-up prizes of £25 and £15.

You could always take a friend (or not?) and use it as a writing retreat…

Your story has to include “at least one (non-peripheral) mention of The Cremona.” Now, what d’you think that means? The ‘non-peripheral’ bit? Answers in the comments section, please!

P.S: Don’t forget there’s still a week to go until entries close for my little ‘mini saga’ competition! Your max 250 word story must include the words: dog, collar, stray and bone BUT it doesn’t have to be about anything remotely canine, if you can get those words to work for you in other ways (and judging from some very imaginative entries I’ve had already – 9 from ‘Newbies’ and 16 in the ‘Open’ category – it is possible!)

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3 Responses to It’s (not) Criminal! 2 FREE Crime Short Story competitions

  1. Thank you for sharing, these sound interesting…And I’m another zombified writer, trying to cram some more writing into my already over stretched life. 😉

  2. Debbie W says:

    Well, I’ve had a lovely long lay in my bed today, lol, yet I am a still zombified and dressing-gowned as I’ve not had my breakfast yet.

    Thanks for those competition links, Helen. I fancy a paddle at Bournemouth so I’ll give that one a go.

    Hope little ‘un is behaving herself.

    Debbie W

  3. They sound good, will have to go and look up that non whatsit thingy. I suppose they’re hoping we look on their website and book a holiday anyway….

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