Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition – Results!

Broadway TowerJust a quickie to say ‘well done’ to two ‘friends’ of this blog – Tracy Fells, who blogs as The Literary Pig and Clare Banks, now a member of my NEW class, which started today. Hurrah!

Clare and Tracy are runners-up in the Reader’s Digest 100 word story competition which is a fantastic achievement, given the number of entries they must have had and they’ve won a tasty £100 in book vouchers each.

You can read their stories here – and the winning story (which won the writer £1000 – wow!)

P.S: That’s Broadway Tower, near here. Nothing to do with Reader’s Digest but I just liked the piccie!

P.P.S: I’ve set up a new ‘Bonnie‘ page for anyone who’s interested in the puppy…

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3 Responses to Reader’s Digest 100 Word Story Competition – Results!

  1. Jackie Sayle says:

    Haven’t read them all yet, but I preferred the two runners-up in the adult category. Loved the cat one.

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Thanks for the mention Helen. Fancy Clare being in your new class too, it’s a small writing world isn’t it?

  3. Patsy says:

    Great stories. I preferred the runners up too, but they’re all good. Must be really hard to select a winner in these and I suppose the judges just have to pick whichever most appeals to them personally.

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