Interested In Writing Short Stories For WW?

SpringWoman’s Weekly Writing Workshop

If you’re interested in writing stories or serials for Woman’s Weekly (and, by the way, yesterday I broke a long ‘duck’ with them and had a story accepted. Hurrah), then you might like to consider this workshop, to be held in London on 7th June, which costs £65.

I imagine it will be very popular, so if you are interested, get yourself booked on it, pronto! (And come back to the blog later to tell us what it was like).

Free Flash Fiction Competition (c/d 5th May)

99fiction, which brands itself as ‘A simple site dedicated to works of fiction and poetry 99 words or less’ is running a free flash fiction competition for stories of ’99 words or less’.

There’s no limit to the number of entries you can email and it’s open to anyone, anywhere!

The prize is – strangely – either a bottle of alcohol-free wine or (this is better), a $25 Amazon voucher.

Details are here.

Shaggy Dog Story Update

And talking of ‘flash fiction’/mini stories, yesterday I had a polite email from Alyson Hilbourne, pointing out, quite correctly, that she was an ‘Open Category’ writer not a ‘Newbie’ (for some strange reason – befuddled by 6am starts? – I had shortlisted her in the wrong group!)


Luckily there was still time to add her to the ‘Open’ shortlist (making that now 6) and after carefully reading all the ‘Newbie’ entries again (and double checking I’d got everyone’s category right!), I’ve chosen Julie Lees’ story ‘A Holy Relic’ as the third shortlisted ‘Newbie’. Well done to Julie – and I’ve amended the post accordingly so it should now be right!


Results will be announced on the blog on Sunday.

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10 Responses to Interested In Writing Short Stories For WW?

  1. Jenny Roman says:

    Thanks for the info about 99Fiction, Helen – might have a go (even though they are rather unusual prizes!).

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Hi Helen. Have booked onto the WW workshop day as although I had a story in last month, this has been my least successful market. think it should be a really informative day (particularly interested in the talk on writing serials).

    • Ooh, ooh, you are both making me want to go now…consults diary…hmmm, I am free…but no, is too far, too expensive, will have just been away the weekend before… no! I will wait to hear about it from you. (would be nice to meet up though…). Anyway, I will think about it a little bit more…


  3. Tracy Fells says:

    Thanks for heads up on workshop & for Wendy texting me too! As my success rate with WW is a big fat 0 then I’ve also signed up for this. So the West Sussex womag writers will both give you an update. Let’s hope the trains are running better down here by June!!

  4. Patsy says:

    Thanks for the links.
    I’m tempted by the workshop.

    • Patsy – funny your message popped up just as Sally Jenkins and I were emailing each other about it. We’ve decided not to go (reluctantly!). If it was nearer and didn’t involve an expensive train journey to London, then we’d probably go but it’s looking like quite an expensive day out and I can’t really justify the time or the cost! I’m sure it will be good though. Do report back, if you go!


  5. I live in London and would absolutely love to go to this workshop, but unfortunately I have a work event that day, which I can’t miss 😦 Oh, I can’t wait till I write full time… (Postitive thinking and all that!!) It looks like they may run another one – hope they do!

  6. Patsy says:

    I’ve just signed up. The train fare is more than half the ticket cost so it will be an expensive day – but this has to be the best way to find out what WW really want.

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