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How Not To Go To An Interview..

1. Choose a day when your printer doesn’t work. Set off without the job spec, your CV or printed details of where to go. 2. Drive in the pouring rain. Spray, huge puddles and poor visibility add to the excitement. … Continue reading

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On Feeling Guilty.. And Getting It Right

Am I the only person who feels guilty all the time? I feel guilty if the sun’s shining and I’m inside, for example. I feel guilty if I’m reading a magazine when I’ve got a stack of ‘worthy’ books to … Continue reading

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First Lines (again!) And ‘Sunlounger’ Short List

Last week in my class we talked about writing a gripping first line – ‘a hook’. Whether you’re writing a short story or a novel, the first line is pretty important. On that recent BBC Radio 4 programme, ‘Suspended Sentence’ … Continue reading

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What ‘Woman’s Weekly’ Wants (as of today..)

Writing ‘Gremlins’ Before I get on to the bit you’ve come to see, I just have a quick request. I’m writing an article about our writing ‘gremlins’ – you know, those evil beggars that sit on your shoulder when you’re … Continue reading

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School Daze…

A few days ago, I had a ‘time slip’ moment: a glimpse of my past. 1978, to be precise. A writing pal, also called Helen, who blogs here (and who, importantly,* was at school with me in sunny Staffordshire), recently … Continue reading

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First Lines – Inspiration And A Competition

I am pleased to report that the lovely man came from BT on Wednesday and restored us to internet, mobile and phone access! Hurrah, we have rejoined the human race. So sorry for temporary ‘loss of service’ but I am … Continue reading

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Morris Men & Hoovering The Lawn

Hello and I hope all my UK readers (ooh, get me) are having a good bank holiday with some SUNSHINE! The sun has just come out here and later I’m hoping to get up to the village green to see … Continue reading

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