First Lines – Inspiration And A Competition

Keep calmI am pleased to report that the lovely man came from BT on Wednesday and restored us to internet, mobile and phone access! Hurrah, we have rejoined the human race.

So sorry for temporary ‘loss of service’ but I am back – and with news of the new Writers Bureau competition:

Writers Bureau competition – closing 31st May

This one is to win a fiction writing course. Well worth a go, I think! All you have to do, is write the first sentence of a novel! (You don’t need to worry about the other 100,000 odd words. How great is that?!).

The instructions are: “All we need from you is the first sentence of a novel, and as May 1st 1869 was the date that The Folies Bergere opened in Paris, that should be the inspiration for the story.

More details – and some tantalising first lines to inspire you, here (scroll down a bit and you’ll find it).

And you might like to get some inspiration from a BBC radio programme ‘Suspended Sentence’ about writing a great first line (only available for a few more days!), which my fellow bloggers Womangwriter and Wendy Clarke have been ‘talking’ about this week. See their blogs for more details. I’m about to get my lasagne out of the microwave and listen to it myself!

P.S: Apparently, spy fiction writer John le Carre has that poster ‘Keep Calm and Le Carre On’ on his office wall. I was beginning to think the ‘Keep Calm’ stuff had had its day, but I like that one!

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4 Responses to First Lines – Inspiration And A Competition

  1. susan jones says:

    Hi Helen, glad you’re back, thanks for the links. The fiction course sounds good. I like the slogans. Mine would be keep calm and carry me off I think:))

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Ooh thanks for highlighting this one. I love competitions like this! I still like the Keep Calm stuff but my teen son tells me it’s all ‘old hat’ now (though he used some teen terms I didn’t understand).

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    I might have a go at this one, Helen – now I’ve got first lines on the brain (thanks for linking).

  4. Clare Banks says:

    Thank you so much for the link to the Suspended Sentence programme, Helen. It was hilarious and very helpful. See you Thursday.

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