Back From Milano.. and off to work-o!

Milan 2It seems like a heck of a long time ago now, but last weekend, I went to Milan. Hence the photo of the Duomo!

We went up on the roof, like you do and enjoyed the coolness of the interior where, apart from the beautiful stained glass windows, what I remember most were the decomposing bodies of two cardinals in glass coffins. Hmm, strange. (And people were taking photos of them. Hmm, stranger).

It ‘s not just the ‘being away’ – it’s the ‘catching up’, isn’t it? (If I owe you an email, please ‘bear with’. I am working my way through a zillion of ‘em).

I acquired something of a taste for Negroni cocktails while I was away. Yum. Highly recommended.


Writers & Artists’ Competition

The Writers & Artists’ Yearbook people have taken my breath away by announcing their 2014 short story competition! We’re not even half way through 2013 yet! (Aren’t we? Or am I in a timewarp?) Details are here if you want to enter. It is one of the few FREE short story competitions around and has a great first prize of an Arvon course, so definitely worth a go!

Writers Bureau Competition

The Writers Bureau’s June competition is a quiz. Answer the (literary) questions correctly and you could win one of their ‘Write for Competitions – and Win!’ courses.

Details here.

Just to blow my own trumpet a little, a student in my Thursday class won last month’s competition – and as he was a late-joiner, he’d actually only been to one lesson when he won! That’s got to be my quickest ‘success’ ever!


This morning I was at work – having training as part of my new job, which I’m officially starting in mid July. All a bit of a shock to the system. Work? On a Saturday?

I’m going to be working for a local charity – The Friendship Project – which matches ‘Older Friends’ (volunteers) with ‘Younger Friends’ (disadvantaged children), for friendship and days out. I was an ‘Older Friend’ myself for about 8 years, so it’s a charity I totally believe in and know a lot about. I’m thrilled to be working for them, although it’s only a few hours a week.

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7 Responses to Back From Milano.. and off to work-o!

  1. cathos says:

    Milan sounds lovely and your job sounds really good – hope it goes well!

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Sounds like you had a great time in Milan amongst the dead cardinals. I hope you enjoy your job when it starts in July – it sounds very worthwhile.

    • Sounds like you had a great time at the WW workshop! I enjoyed ‘part one’ of your tale … am looking forward to reading the rest! (you tease!)


  3. Linda says:

    Yes, I probably will enter the W&A Yearbook comp – but not until next year. I know it’s sensible to plan ahead but I’m not that organised!
    Your new job sounds very interesting and worthwhile. Good luck with it!

  4. aliceinwritingland says:

    Congratulations on your new job, Helen. It’s kind of similar to what I do – I work for a Volunteer Centre and part of my job is matching volunteer ‘buddies’ to work with people with learning disabilities and/or mental health problems. I absolutely love it!

    • Alice, that’s really interesting – that we’re both going to be in the same ‘field’. I’ll say more about ‘my’ charity once I’m up and running with it because I’d like to give it a plug!!


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