Off On My (Writing) Hols…!

UmbriaI am off on my holidays tonight (well, at 4am in the morning, to be precise, but it might as well be tonight!).

Eek – as usual, it’s all very last minute. I was supposed to be at my friend’s for 8pm tonight and I’ve just had to text her and say ‘make that 9-ish’! Tee hee.

I HATE packing because I always worry that I’ll forget something, so I leave it to the very last minute, which always causes STRESS!

But I don’t want you to feel sorry for me. I’m going to Umbria, North of Rome, on a ‘Writing Romance’ course, so I can’t really complain.

Writing Exercises

If any of you are bemoaning the loss of a writing class, perhaps, over the summer, don’t forget to check out the Telegraph Short Story club here.

Louise Doughty sets weekly writing challenges, sometimes with prizes but mostly just for fun and for feedback from fellow ‘clubbers’. It’s all good practice… (I might have a go myself, when I’m back).

Writing Job

And here’s a nice job working for Writing West Midlands, if you live in or around Birmingham and have experience of project management. If I still lived in ‘civilisation’ rather than the middle of nowhere (!) I’d be applying for it myself!

Bye for a little while.. I’ll be back in two weeks’ time, hopefully with lots of good stuff to tell you!

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7 Responses to Off On My (Writing) Hols…!

  1. susan jones says:

    Have a nice time Helen, and thanks for the links.

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Have a great time, Helen. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it.

  3. Philippa says:

    Happy holidays Helen – with the combination of Rome, writing and romance (literary, of course!) you should be set for a fabulous time!

  4. Have a lovely time, im not jealous, not one little bit! lol 😉


  5. dawsonlesley says:

    Thanks for the link to the Telegraph Short Story Club. I hope you enjoy your holiday.

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