Homestart Short Story Competition

for blogA comedian on the tele’ has just admitted that he’s addicted to ‘Groupon’ and I’ve just realised that I’m addicted to the rather similar, ‘Amazon Local’.

Amazon Local sends you a lovely email every day with total bargains, that you just can’t resist! (Well, you can actually, if you have a puppy and can’t just clear off. Our breakfasts are punctuated by me reading from the laptop. eg: “If we hadn’t got Bonnie we could be spending 2 nights at a scenic Welsh getaway, including falconry experience and afternoon tea – for £1.99!”)

But, undaunted, I have still bought STUFF.

Namely, a ‘Keep Calm And Carry On Writing’ poster (pink!); a cut and blow-dry in a posh salon for £15 (yes, I know! I normally pay twice that. I haven’t been to that yet. I hope I’m treated like a normal customer and don’t have to sweep up my own droppings) AND… brace yourself.. a flight simulator experience in a 747 for my 80-something Dad! (Not because it was so cheap I couldn’t resist it. He does actually want to do it!)

Homestart Bridgwater Competition

Here’s a competition, that opens for submissions on 1st September (yes, for once I’m giving you lots of notice!) and you’ve got until 20th January 2014 to submit your story.

Homestart Bridgwater Area offers support to families with young children in the Bridgwater area of Somerset and they’re running a short story competition, with a first prize of £500. It’s also being judged by acclaimed novelist, Rose Tremain, so although the entry fee is fairly steep (£7), at least you know the competition is raising funds for a very good cause.

Writing Serials

If you’re interested in writing serials for women’s magazines (hard work, I reckon but it must be very satisfying!) Cara Cooper has written 4 interesting posts on ‘how to do it’ on her blog. Part one is here, to get you started. You’ll find the others as later posts on the blog.

P.S: In case you were wondering, the baby was born, finally, on Saturday night! A boy, as we’d all anticipated and his name is Finley. Going to see him tomorrow!

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12 Responses to Homestart Short Story Competition

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Welcome to Finley! I second Cara’s excellent posts on writing serials – I have a first instalment being considered at PF at the moment (fingers crossed) and these posts helped me immensely. Enjoy the hair do!

  2. Keith Havers says:

    Congratulations! Thanks for the links.

  3. Congratulations on the arrival of Finley – enjoy your visit.

    I bought a flight sim experience for my boyfriend (on a similar deal), which he did in January, and he loved it!

    • Am just hoping my dad can get into the cockpit seat! They told me he wouldn’t be able to manage the 737, so I upgraded (another £25, of course…) to the 747. Hopefully it’ll be OK!

  4. Christine Steenfeldt says:

    I’ve just had my daily Amazon local email but I haven’t taken the plunge and actually bought something. I can’t quite bring myself to trust that they’ll do what they say! So when you’ve had your cut and dry, let us know if you were treated normally! Congrats on the baby- I like the name- and thanks for the info on the competition.

  5. Tracy Fells says:

    I just had the email reminder about Homestart competition. Worth entering if you get read by Rose Tremain! Must be my age showing but when I see the name Finley – I can hear Janet’s lovely Scottish voice (my mum listened to the radio drama every week). Of course that may have been Dr Finlay, not Finley…

    • Tracy
      Were you one of the millions whose email addresses were showing?! I was tempted to email the guy and suggest he used ‘bcc’ but someone else beat me to it and he then sent another email (bcc’ed) apologising! It drives me mad when people don’t use ‘bcc’ – it’s not good practice to reveal your database, apart from anything else!

  6. Cara Cooper says:

    Hi I get bombarded by the girls in the office telling me what wonderful bargains they get on these sites so I try my hardest not to look or I’d get addicted too and spend a fortune. If they have something you genuinely want, I think they’re great because you can pick up some bargains. I went on a terrific one day macaroon making course. Now, of course, I’m addicted to making macaroons which eats up my writing time. You just can’t win…….

  7. philippabowe says:

    Congratulations on Finley’s arrival – better late than never! It is indeed a lovely name. And thanks for the Homestart comp info – an excellent idea, to be able to support a charity while taking part in a writing competition. It doesn’t say anything about UK residents so I suppose it’s open to all…

    • Philippa Last year someone from the USA came third so yes, although they don’t specifically say so, it looks like it’s open to anyone, anywhere. Good luck!


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