Richard & Judy Are ‘Searching for A Bestseller’!

Apple treeRichard and Judy (novelists themselves of course, now!) have launched a new competition to ‘Find A Bestseller’ and there’s a £50,000 publishing deal on offer for the winner.

The rules are here (below the entry form). You have to be a UK or Eire resident and the competition’s only open to NEW novelists, although it’s fine if you’ve had short stories or non-fiction published.

You have to submit the first 10,000 to 12,000 words of your novel (which doesn’t have to be finished! Hurrah!) by 1st January 2014, along with an outline of the rest of the novel (not more than 1,000 words). They’re also looking for a biography of up to 500 words.

If you don’t mind appearing on tele’ (I think? Are Richard & Judy still on TV?), then I can’t really think of a better incentive to start that novel and get the first 10,000 words polished and ready to go by 1st January!

And while you’re on the site, have a quick gander at the R&J Autumn Reading choices here (yes, it’s officially Autumn! Please note all the lovely red apples on our apple tree!). I usually enjoy their choices.

Richard and Judy were, by the way, spotted by one of my students in a local pub earlier in the Summer. Oh yes, we have all the celebs around here!

Confessions Of A Wheel Woman’ – new blogger!

A friend of a friend of mine, has just started a blog and I promised I’d give it a mention. It is the wonderfully- named ‘Confessions of a Wheel Woman’.

There are only a couple of posts so far but I’m sure, with a bit of encouragement, Lisa will soon be posting like a crazy thing, so if you get a moment, please click on the link and leave her a comment and/or direct her to your own blog! She is a writer, like us, so please welcome her to the ‘community’!

And finally… let’s see if you’re on the ball and/or if you read my posts to the end.

Firstly, what’s this NEW building?

And what does it have to do with the young lady pictured below?

Young Lady

Answers in the comments box below. No prize but GLORY for the first person to get it right!

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12 Responses to Richard & Judy Are ‘Searching for A Bestseller’!

  1. Wow, makes me wish I hadn’t self published, though I can’t imagine my novel as a Richard and Judy choice somehow. Great competition!

  2. It’s the new library in Birmingham, second largest in Europe now I think, and the young woman is Malala, who will be part the official opening, as she has become a powerful symbol of the importance of education (especially for girls/women) since the Taliban tried to assassinate her. She spoke at the UN not long ago, and now lives with her family in Birmingham.

    • Harula, well done, you’re absolutely right. It’s Birmingham’s new, iconic library (which cost 188m!!), which is being opened TODAY (3rd Sept 2013) by Malala Yousafzai, the teenager shot in the head by the Taliban for championing women’s rights. Malala (who has her own book deal now, by the way, reputedly worth 2m), says, “It is my dream that one day, great buildings like this one will exist in every corner of the world so every child can grow up with the opportunity to succeed.” Malala will place her copy of The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho in the library – the last book to go on the shelves. She will then receive membership to access the archive. Ahhh, makes me proud to be a Brummie!


  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    That competition sounds brilliant… I’ve just got to write that novel! Oh we’ll. Popped over to Lisa’s blog, Helen – I’m sure she’ll make many new blog friends.

  4. Thanks Wendy. You and me know what it’s like when you start a blog – it can be a bit hard going at first (wondering if anyone’s reading it, for a start!). I really appreciate you doing that. x

  5. Derek says:

    The new Birmingham library and the young Pakistani is opening it.

  6. giles says:

    Hi Helen, I saw the Richard & Judy comp elsewhere and got slightly excited – until reading the “UK residents only” condition – aaargh! Excellent to see libraries being built (tho’ loads of them have been shut down over the last couple of years too I understand) and that Malala is thriving and continuing to champion women’s rights despite the Taliban – what an amazingly courageous young woman!

    • philippabowe says:

      oops – I’m on my beloved’s computer and posted without realising it automatically used his name, no idea where that came from – computers are scary sometimes…anyway, the comment is from me and not a new follower called Giles…

      • Ah, I did wonder, Philippa!! Mystery solved! Yes, sorry about the UK-resident bit but I don’t make the rules, as they say..!


      • philippabowe says:

        Of course – you yourself are innocent of the UK-only sin, happily, or I probably wouldn’t have found your blog with your comp last year! I try to take a tolerant view and imagine there are good reasons for the restriction, but actually can’t – so many comps, big and small alike, are universally open that it doesn’t speak for any unavoidable and practical reason for restricting…but as there are so many good open comps, I’m really not complaining!

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