Birthdays, Bombs & Bunkers

The bunkerI’m delighted that ‘Womagwriter’, otherwise known as Kathleen McGurl, has started a new blog! Hurrah – more excuses to procrastinate (as if I need any).

I’ve followed her ‘Womagwriter’ blog for years. It’s been invaluable as a source of information, advice and help for those of us writing for – or trying to write for – (yes, TAB continues to elude me)– the women’s magazines.

But Kath’s moved on to the ‘big stuff’ now: she’s writing novels. So, she’s my inspiration and, although I’ve never met her, I feel as though I have. Pop over and have a look – and wish her happy birthday for yesterday!

Hmm, talking of birthdays, I have got a BIG birthday coming up this month. No, not that one – even BIGGER! (No, not 60! Thank you very much). I’m not sure whether to hide and pretend it’s not happening, or just to go with the flow. What can you do about getting older, after all? (Lie! Actually I’ve just written a short story about someone lying about her age. I wonder where that idea came from..!).

If I go very quiet on the ‘birthday front’, you’ll know I’ve decided to keep quiet about the whole thing..!

Yesterday I went down a nuclear bunker! As you do, on a sunny Sunday afternoon in Gloucestershire.

This is what the ladder looked like, from the bottom, looking upwards:

Bunker ladder

I was expecting a rabbit warren of rooms when we arrived, twenty feet down, but there was just one room (with a bunk bed and various bits of ‘monitoring equipment) and a little lavatory next door!

And, bless ‘em, it was all a bit ‘Dad’s Army’ because the bunker – built in 1961 to report nuclear attacks during the ‘Cold War’ (and thankfully never needed) – wasn’t air tight – in fact, it had air vents – so the people inside it wouldn’t have been much safer than the rest of us, on ‘the outside’ (and the plan was, that 4 of them would stay down there for 21 days…)

There must be a story in there somewhere!

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6 Responses to Birthdays, Bombs & Bunkers

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Don’t be scared of the BIG birthday, Helen – it’s not so bad… honest.

  2. Keith Havers says:

    Agree with you about womag. I couldn’t have got my stories published without checking her blog first. I’m off to check out the new one.

  3. kathmcgurl says:

    Aw, thanks Helen for the link to my new blog, and I’m glad womagwriter has helped you. I will still keep it going as well as running the new one.
    I’m also 30-ish. I think a lot of writers are.

  4. Linda says:

    Helen, I’ll let you into a little secret that I discovered on approaching one of those BIG birthdays …
    Yes, you are allowed to celebrate! Tell everyone it’s your special day and enjoy all the attention, the cake and balloons (and perhaps your favourite tipple?) But, because you’re a grown-up now, you get to decide what number – if any – to attach to the day. Have fun!

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