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Remember I won the Erewash Writers short story competition a couple of weeks ago (*any excuse to mention it again*)?

Well, amazingly, yesterday I found out that I’d won the Creative Writing Ink short story competition for October.

And both stories feature buses! (The Creative Writing Ink story actually features more of a ‘coach’ but the title is ‘The School Bus Driver’s Daughter’).

I’ve obviously got some kind of weird, latent, bus fetish!

Creative Writing Ink is an Eire-based writing website and they run a free-to-enter monthly writing competition, which closes on the last day of each month (you can send a short story or poetry). My prize is an on-line writing course and I’m still debating which one to take.

I was feeling a bit ‘showy-offy’ when I started to write this post. I almost deleted half of it but then I thought – NO, there are not many successes to shout about – at least not in this writer’s life 😦 so I am going to celebrate! Put it this way, there are 29 other competitions that I’ve entered this year where I’ve come completely NOWHERE.

And while we’re on the subject of success, I had an acceptance from Woman’s Weekly today for a story that they’d asked me to tweak. Hurrah.

Phew, that’s it. The bragging is over and there probably won’t be anything else to brag about now for some time. That’s how it goes with writing, I find. Nothing,.. nothing.. nothing.. then it comes all comes in a rush. Just like buses…

How are all you NaNo writers getting on? I am plodding away but I am still going. I’ve written less than 10,000 words but I am not panicking. The main thing is, I have a reasonable start to something not completely stupid. And on November 30th I’m going to a writing day, when I will get to read the first 2000 words for an in-depth critique from other writers.

Eek – that’s an incentive to make it as good as I can!

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28 Responses to Like Buses…

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Great news on your successes. Funny you should mention about not wanting to sound ‘showy off” as that was the theme of my blog post today (and not it doesn’t sound showy off at all). I’ve also had an acceptance from WW so we must have both avoided the well worn theme this time, Helen.

  2. KH says:

    Well done, Helen. Great news.Kath KH

  3. Julia says:

    Nothing wrong with a bit of trumpet-blowing. Well done!

  4. Jenny Roman says:

    Excellent news on your run of successes – long may it continue 🙂

  5. Downith says:

    You have to celebrate the successes Helen. Well done!

  6. Lee J Dawson says:

    You’re a good role model, Helen. The only way to writing success is to keep on writing, which you have proved. Congratulations!

  7. banksywrites says:

    Fantastic, Helen. I love to hear about your successes. As Lee says, you’re a good role model. Well done.

  8. Catherine Robinson says:

    Well done Helen! Brilliant news! Catherine

  9. julielees says:

    I hate to say I told you so… I did expound the magic of the number three. Congratulations, again! Sing it from the roof tops, I say! You deserve to pat yourself on the back.

  10. Tracy Fells says:

    Yippee, well done, Helen. Writing successes are truly like buses so you need to whoop and dance and tell everyone when one turns up! Unfortunately, rejections seem to be like buses too …
    Does your NaNoWriMo writing contain any buses – or have you got that fetish out of your system now? Can’t complain as they’ve brought you some good news! And well done on WW story – I haven’t cracked them yet.

  11. Thanks for telling me about your successes and about the 29 others. You encourage me to look rejection in the face and write and submit regardless. You are a good ‘un. You go girl! I ,myself , won a writing prompts competition with Creative Writing Ink and am on my way to starting my own blog having done an online course with them as a result of my prize. Happy Days.
    Other times I didn’t even feature on various shortlists and that hurt, but I am going to plod on and catch another ‘bus (es)’. Onwards and upwards – with the odd blip!

  12. Oh, blow your trumpet Helen, nobody else will. Well done, I entered the erewash comp. loved your story, always humour, and a feel good tale to your writing, so will remember that next time I enter Erewash. I’m doing nano, getting a bit tired now, aching wrists and neck. At least I’ve got lost more ideas, and my characters have come to life. I’m going to kill somebody off soon though, just because I can…… Keep writing…

  13. traceyglasspool says:

    Great news Helen, well done. Nano’s hard work isn’t it? I’m nearly at the halfway mark, 1000 words to go and I’m there but I’m flagging a bit now!

  14. kathmcgurl says:

    Well done Helen and definitely worth shouting about your successes!

  15. Linda says:

    Well done! And, no, you’re not showing off at all. There’s nothing wrong with sharing good news. I love hearing about other writers’ successes because I know how much hard work has gone into them.

  16. cathos says:

    Well done and you definitely deserve to wallow in your success for a while.

  17. Keith Havers says:

    Congratulations on more successes, Helen.

  18. Jayne says:

    Well done. Great news. You never know it may be the start of many more successes, Jayne

  19. ann harrison says:

    Wallow, wallow, wallow in your success. Well done.

  20. charliebritten says:

    Well done, blogaboutwriting. Not showy-offy at all. If you can’t put it about that you’ve had something published, what’s the point of (a) blogging and (b) getting something published? Btw, I faced the same sort of problem a week or so and posted anyway.

  21. philippabowe says:

    Congratulations Helen! Well done for the win, I just read your story and it’s very lovely. Your characters really do come alive. And excellent news for the WW acceptance too.
    I’m struggling on with my nano, just over 10k words, so way way behind the target, but revelling in the fact that I’m actually sitting down and writing a bit more of my novel every day, however small; it’s not looking likely I’ll reach the 50K mark, but I’m loving it and finding it a wonderfully effective way to get the novel on the road…Hope you are enjoying your nano too.

  22. Sheila Llewellyn says:

    Helen, have only just seen this – have spent the whole of this year about a month behind, with one thing and another. Great to hear of your successes – your an inspiration to others, so it’s good to think of you enjoying your own success for a change,
    keep on truckin’…er…busin’ …
    Sheila ( Llewellyn).

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