Good Housekeeping Novel Competition

good housekeepingIf you buy the January 2014 edition of Good Housekeeping (UK only – it’s the one with the new, slimline Clare Balding on the cover), you’ll see there’s an entry form on page 71 for their latest novel-writing competition.

Hurrah! (and thanks to Julie in my class for alerting me to this).

They’re asking entrants to send in: the entry form (so you have to buy the mag!); a full synopsis of your story in 2 pages at the most; 5000 words of the novel and a 100 word ‘mini biography’ of yourself (dare I say it, this is to check whether you ‘fit the profile’ of a Good Housekeeping reader. I suspect, for example, that a man won’t win – sorry chaps, probably not even worth entering – or anyone under about 30. BUT I could be wrong!)

You can’t be considered if you’ve already had a novel published and/or if you’ve got an agent.

First prize is publication, an advance of £25,000, plus advice from a literary agent and the editorial team at Orion. But even if you’re not a winner, there’s a day of workshops for the 10 shortlisted writers and laptops for 3 runners-up.

What else do you need to know? Oh, you’ve got until 28th Feb 2014 to submit your work. What are you waiting for??! (Oh yes, like me, you’re going to get Christmas out of the way first…!)

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12 Responses to Good Housekeeping Novel Competition

  1. Yes, you’ve convinced me Helen, will get one soon. Do you want to be my blog chain link? I have to find three likely bloggers to mention next week. Then you need to post on the 30th December, with three people. See Patsy’s blog for the type of thing I mean? Talk soon, and thanks for the info.

  2. philippabowe says:

    Thanks for the info Helen – I seem to remember from last year’s comp that it’s UK residents only…

    • I can’t see any rules about where you have to live but yes, last time you did have to live in the UK, so it’s probably the same. Sorry….!

      • philippabowe says:

        Don’t apologise – you don’t set those parochial rules! I don’t think I fit the profile anyway – right sex, right age, but way too many tattoos!! 😉

  3. Tracy Fells says:

    Thanks for this, Helen. I was planning on entering the Richard & Judy comp and will try this too. Though not sure I fit the Good Housekeeping profile… Just need to get out and buy a copy! Good luck if you’re entering 🙂

    • Tracy I think you and I both fit the Good Housekeeping ‘profile’.. .if only because we’re female and about the right ‘age’!!! (you know what I mean! If it was ‘Cosmopolitan’ then I’d think I was too old!!). I’m sure they’re going to want to a pick a winner that their readers can relate to. A 20-year old with piercings wouldn’t fit the bill!

  4. Linda says:

    I entered this last year – unsuccessfully – but now I’ve seen your comments about the GH profile I’ll pretend my failure was just because they didn’t approve of me, nothing to do with the quality of my novel.
    Good luck to anyone who does have a go!

  5. charliebritten says:

    Another novel writing comp? Dare I? Do they need the novel to be finished before entering, I wonder?

  6. Lynn says:

    Does it state that you have to live in the UK to enter this contest? If not, how could I get my hands on a copy of the UK Magazine version? Thanks for posting the info on your blog.
    Wondering about it in America.

    • Lynn
      It doesn’t specifically say you have to live in the UK but I was asked this question last time GH ran a writing competition and the answer was ‘yes, it’s UK only’, so I expect it’s the same – but you could try asking them the question on their Facebook page? And it might be worth keeping an eye on the US version of Good Housekeeping because I think they run a similar competition every so often. Good luck!

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