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Beginners Creative Writing Course – The Result!

I was really pleased with the response to my little competition to win a Beginners Writing Course from Creative Writing Ink. Firstly, although you didn’t actually have to read the whole story ‘The School Bus Driver’s Daughter’ to get the … Continue reading

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‘Pool Rage’ & A Writing Course Giveaway!

No writing done today (so far..) but I did go swimming at lunchtime. It’s supposed to be ‘lane swimming’ until from 12pm – 1.30pm (the clue’s in the signs positioned on the poolside – ‘Fast’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Slow’ – and … Continue reading

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#Tempted To Write (for Mills & Boon?) + Crime Web Workshop

Hello and ‘Happy Weekend’! Is it just me, or is it raining a lot? (OK, not if you’re in Australia but here in UK-upon-sea?). Every time I take the dog for a walk I have to go through a quagmire … Continue reading

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Whisky, Words and Goal Setting

The calm before the storm – that lull after Christmas – was just that. And now I am in the eye of the tempest! Hectic-ness! My class has started up again, my work for the charity is going full pelt … Continue reading

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New Writing Festival .. and the tele’!

You know how some things just go together? Bread and butter, salt and pepper, white wine and soda, Starsky & Hutch (whoops, showing my age) and of course, that old classic: writing and asparagus! Yes, I have discovered ‘AsparaWriting Festival’ … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!

What a horrible, rainy, windy day it’s been around here – have you had the same? We had to venture out though. Mainly to walk the dog (although, to be honest, even she wasn’t that keen) but also to keep … Continue reading

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