‘Pool Rage’ & A Writing Course Giveaway!

swimmingNo writing done today (so far..) but I did go swimming at lunchtime.

It’s supposed to be ‘lane swimming’ until from 12pm – 1.30pm (the clue’s in the signs positioned on the poolside – ‘Fast’ ‘Medium’ and ‘Slow’ – and the fact that the lanes are divided with ropes) but a jolly woman in my lane (‘medium’) had decided to give her friend swimming lessons!

So there they were, standing in the middle of the lane, discussing, or swimming side-by-side, practising strokes. Grrrrr! Needless to say, being terribly British, no-one said anything but oh, how we glared (through our goggles) and oh, how we splashed, as we overtook them!

I set my class the task of writing a ‘rant poem’ for their homework this week. I think perhaps I should write one of my own, on this very subject!

Beginners Writing Course Giveaway

Now, on a different subject and to celebrate reaching over 400 ‘followers’ on the blog (hurrah! And thank you everyone who’s ‘signed up’), I’m going to run a couple of little competitions this week.

The first one is aimed at anyone who’s relatively ‘new’ to this writing lark. Sorry if that sounds a bit condescending but I’ve wracked my brain and there’s no other way of putting it! And we were all ‘beginners’ once, after all.

Last year I won a ‘Beginners Creative Writing Correspondence Course‘ from the the Creative Writing Ink website and I’m donating it as the prize.

The course is suitable for complete beginners or anyone who wants to get back into writing, after a break.

It comes in the form of a gift voucher, which is valid until 17th December 2014 and I’ll email it to the winner. It’s a 6 week on-line course, with Olive O’Brien, who runs ‘Creative Writing Ink’ and it’s worth £130 but can’t be exchanged for cash. Of course, if you want to enter in order to give the voucher to someone else, that’s fine too. Here are all the details.

The next course starts on 29th January, so there’s going to be a pretty tight deadline for this competition, in the hope that, if the winner wishes to start on 29th, he/she can do so!

So, what do you have to do to win? It’s pretty easy.

Just read my winning story here and answer this simple question: What’s the full name (first and surname) of the eponymous* school bus driver’s daughter’? (hint: You don’t actually have to read the whole story to find out – although it would be nice if you did!).

Email me your answer, along with your name to: baw2014@yahoo.co.uk by midnight on 26th January 2014. I’ll email the voucher to the winner (name to be picked at random) on the morning of Monday 27th January.

(‘Baw’, in the email address, by the way, is not a primeval cry but stands, of course, for ‘Blog About Writing’!)

Watch this space, there are more goodies and a writing competition on the way…

*hmm, not sure if that’s the right use of ‘eponymous’, to be honest, but you know what I mean..!

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16 Responses to ‘Pool Rage’ & A Writing Course Giveaway!

  1. Helen Lowry says:

    Great prize! Thanks for running this.
    By the way, it’s good to have a rant now and again!

  2. Downith says:

    Lane discipline please!

  3. What a great story Helen; it brought a lump to my throat.

  4. You really should have had a quiet word – and while you’re putting the world to rights, could you also point out a similar clue in the name of ‘fog lights’, that is to say, they don’t need to be switched on when it’s raining or frosty – or daytime. I thank you.

  5. Keith Havers says:

    When I was training for triathlon I used to just barge past the slow swimmers in the fast lane. It happens in open-water races anyway so it was good practice. I also found that a couple of lengths butterfly stroke cleared the lane.

  6. Tracy Fells says:

    I swim a couple of times a week and it provides me with more than enough material for stories! What I hate the most is the swimmers who insist on doing backstroke when the pool is clearly too packed. At my local pool we have 2 ladies who swim side by side, chatting all the way, I don’t know how but these 2 little old dears seem to fill the pool and everyone has to slalom around them – and of course nobody ever says anything.
    Ooh I did enjoy that little rant. Thank you,

    • Yes, I soooo agree about the backstroke! I never do backstroke unless my ‘lane is clear’ (she says, in a prim and proper way!). If you do backstroke when it’s busy, everyone else has to look out for you and get out of your way! I think it’s a bl**dy cheek!!


  7. Jan Baynham says:

    It’s good to rant sometimes, isn’t it? Although I’m not a strong swimmer, I still object to the women who ‘walk’ up and down the pool chatting, sometimes in a group of three, at my local gym and the rest of us have to swim round them! Loved the story, by the way.

  8. Brilliant story, Helen. It’s extremely insightful with very ‘real’ characters. The pool rage is funny too. At my local pool they sometimes close the slow lane for swimming lessons so all the slow coaches (including me!) have to go in the medium lane and annoy the faster swimmers – carnage!

  9. Patsy says:

    My fastest swimming would block any slow lane.

  10. philippabowe says:

    Rant away Helen, it’s therapeutic! And congratulations on the 400+ followers, how satisfying for you!

  11. natalie holland says:

    brilliant, i would love to win this, thank you! Congrats on your followers!

  12. Harliqueen says:

    This is great, thanks for running it, very generous 🙂 Congrats on so many followers!

  13. Naomi Buchan says:

    A lovely short story, tbh i was just expecting to scan through and find the answer but i found i couldn’t stop reading! Good luck with your writing for the future xxx

  14. Gill Bland says:

    Hi Helen, you were one of the winners of a set of Moo cards. Could let me know your full name and email address so I can let Moo know? Thanks talesofpiglingbland [at] gmail.com

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