Free-to-Enter Writing Competition (c/d: 1st March 2014)

MenHow To Meet A Man

More about the writing competition in a minute but firstly, as Valentine’s Day approaches, I thought I would give this post a ‘romantic’ touch.

Here is my tip for any single ladies out there who’d like to meet a man (or men looking for a woman). May I suggest a dog? I don’t mean a dog instead of a man (although, that’s not a bad idea) no, I mean, get a dog, in order to meet a man!

I am ‘home alone’ this weekend and this morning when I took Bonnie for a walk, I ‘encountered’ and spoke to, no less than four rather attractive, solo men.

There was the one in the field, with the, wild (rearing, like a stallion) black Labrador (the dog was rearing, not the man); the one with the nice brown smooth-coated dog (breed unknown), the one with 2 gorgeous fluffy Labradoodles and, finally, the one with 2 golden retrievers.

It was like a procession, one after the other, all walking towards us! (Bonnie thought I’d laid it all on, just for her. She was very excited).

And the thing about having a dog – and them (the men) also having a dog – is that you HAVE to stop – because the dogs want to have a good old sniff and then you get chatting. It’s sooo natural. Now, yes, I realise that those 4 men had all probably got (lazy?) wives and kids waiting for them back home (but, perhaps not…!?)

I’m not looking for new chap, of course, but if I were..well, ‘dog as icebreaker’? It’s a thought…!

Writing Competition c/d: 1st March 2014

Right, sorry this has taken a bit longer than expected but I am finally here with my little writing competition.

It’s got nothing to do with dogs and nothing to do with Valentine’s Day. (Thank God, they say).

I have used this handy ‘random word generator’ to come up with 5 words and, well, it’s the usual: I’d like you come up with a flash fiction story OR poem (yes, the poetry is new!), max 100 words, (plus a title), that includes all 5 of the words.

The words are:

• seagull

• tragedy

• t-shirt

• fever

• pottery

The words can be used more than once and can be used in the title. And you can use ‘extensions’ of the words – eg: ‘t-shirts’ or ‘feverish’.

Check if you’ve used them correctly by doing a ‘search’ on your finished document for the 5 words. As long as they are highlighted, then you’re OK (tragedies wouldn’t work though, for example).


The prizes are significant! (as our tennis coach always says – and we laugh because they aren’t, of course). But well, these are not bad. I’m giving away a £25 Amazon e-voucher as first prize and a £10 Amazon e-voucher as second prize. Yoo hooo!


• One entry per person.
• Open to anyone, anywhere and it’s free to enter
• Maximum 100 words (you can submit less), plus title.
• Please don’t copy or plagiarise – you will be found out! (and it will be embarrassing and shameful)
• Your story/poem’s title is in addition to the 100 words
• Any theme or genre is acceptable
• Your entry must not have won or been placed in another competition.
• Judge’s / judges’ decisions are final.
• Email your entry in the body of the email, NOT as an attachment, to by midnight on Saturday 1st March 2014 (3 weeks today), along with your name.
• By entering, you agree that your entry, or an extract, can be posted on this blog when the shortlist of 5 is announced.
• I will shortlist 5 entries and someone else will choose the winner, anonymously. I am being vague about the ‘someone else’ because I don’t know who it will be yet, but someone other than me and someone who will take their task seriously.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them as a comment, so that everyone can see the response! Thanks – and good luck!

P.S: thanks to everyone who left a nice comment re. my first ever story in Take A Break. (*the words she thought she’d never type*) and to those who kindly enquired, I don’t know when it’s going to appear yet but I’ll let you know when it’s published!


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11 Responses to Free-to-Enter Writing Competition (c/d: 1st March 2014)

  1. I agree about meeting people when out walking the dog, it’s the only time I talk to other adults, and I was nodding in agreement until I got to the lazy wives bit, when I spat my tea out in indignation! Hubbie walks the dog (once a week!) to escape the chaos of the five pm frenzy when the kids hit tantrum hour. I’d trade him in a heartbeat, except I do it the other six days. (I know you were joking, but I thought I’d defend wives everywhere!)

    • Ah, Amanda, yes I was only joking!! (Just wondering why the imaginary wives and children weren’t out on the walk too!) But I understand about ‘shifts’ – we do that too – not that I’ve got children but sometimes we have ‘stuff’ to do so the other one takes the dog out! But sorry if I have offended ‘wives everywhere’ – I know you can’t do everything, all the time!

      • 🙂 if only… I’m thinking a clone or two would be useful. Actually I like walking the dog by myself – it’s my ‘thinking about writing’ time away from the family. But then my kids are only 3 and 5 so walking with them is tough…

  2. Wendy Clarke says:

    Ok. Say I need to meet a new man (which I don’t because I have got my lovely timeline creator/proofreader husband.) This is MY walk with MY Bonnie. 1. See a man walking towards me with dog. 2. Clip Bonnie on lead so she doesn’t eat said Labrador/collie/pitbull 3. Skirt edge of field so dogs don’t meet 3. Wave to said Brad Pitt lookalike from great distance while Bonnie strains at lead 4. Feel relieved that I’m not on the market because I’m never going to meet anyone this way!

    • Wendy, that made me laugh! I know we’ve said it before, but sadly, our two Bonnies are destined never to meet (she LOVES other dogs, even after that Labradoodle in Stratford attacked her – but that’s another story) but yes, how sad that the ‘Brad Pitt’ lookalike has to be admired/apologised to from a distance! I’m sure there’s a story in that, by the way.. it’s your Bonnie who’s created it, so you’d better get writing…!

  3. P. Douglas Hammond says:

    So what does one do with the dog(s) once one has landed the catch of a lifetime? Be awful if one had to keep both dogs – and then stumbled across an even better catch when walking them.
    Perhaps there is a business idea in there somewhere while we are waiting to mak it big in the writing world – a dog hire/dating agency.

    I no longer have dogs, but it always seemed to be raining when I walked them; nobody was willing to talk – just get home to the warm and dry.

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  5. philippabowe says:

    The dog-dating idea does sound promising, but it could well be one of those things that obeys sod’s law: you probably saw all the attractive men because you’re NOT on the look out, whereas somebody who was would probably have only come across a group of sulky teenagers and a granny or two….
    Thanks for the new competition, I hope to enter – tho’ am feeling a bit gutted right now at having just missed the deadlines of the last two comps I wanted to enter; circumstances beyond my control, but still….

  6. This looks like a fun little comp. Thanks for running it!

    As to dogs… I’ve always wanted a border collie; they’re companionship enough, never mind being bloke magnets! :p
    But weighing up walking a dog in all weathers, every day, versus potentially finding a hot mate (with another dog) is a tricky one.

    Still I will keep that plan on standby. 😉

  7. katarina micallef says:

    Hey, the romantic in me has to say, if It worked in 101 Dalmations, it could work for anyone 😉

  8. mumjd says:

    I’m going to have a try at your competition. It sounds fun

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