‘Seagull’ Flash Fiction Competition – The Longlist

Storybook dadsI have a story (‘In A Good Way’) in the latest Woman’s Weekly Fiction Special and the only reason it’s there is because I entered a competition.

I didn’t write the story for a competition and I didn’t win a competition with it (ooh, it’s like one of those puzzles.. can you work it out?) but when I entered last year’s Chipping Norton Literary Festival short story competition (sadly, although the festival‘s still running, they don’t have a competition this time), all the profits went to a charity that I’d never heard of – Storybook Dads.

And when I read about the charity – which helps parents in prison to stay in touch with their families, by recording them reading bedtime stories to their children – it gave me the idea for a different short story.. and that’s the one in WWFS!

Have you ever entered a competition and reaped some unexpected rewards?

Flash Fiction – Longlist

Right, the ‘Seagull Flash Fiction’ competition (for want of a better description!)

If you remember, you had to write a story or poem in no more than 100 words, which included the following: tragedy, fever, seagull, pottery and t-shirt.

I had a total of 61 entries (thank you to everyone who entered!) and 20 of those, quite surprisingly, were poems!

I will be writing a little ‘judges report’ when the shortlist and winners are announced, but for now, here is the longlist of 12 stories and poems.

I feel like I’m being rather ‘grand’ having a ‘longlist’ (as though this is the Booker or something!) but I know myself, that when I enter a competition, I like to see a longlist, as getting on one is still a ‘result’, even if that’s as far as you go.

My OH has been given a copy of all 12 longlisted entries (anonymously and with no pointers from me!) and he’s got until the end of today to choose his shortlist of 5! I’m intrigued to see which ones he’s going to choose, as I definitely have one or two favourites and it’ll be interesting to see if he includes them in his ‘top 5’!

Watch this space…

So, in (first name) alphabetical order, here are the 12 longlisted writers:

Alison Nuorto
Christine Cherry
Claire Chappell
Diane Humbles
Jan Halstead
Keith Havers
Mandy Huggins
Mangal Patel
Maria Smith
Philippa Bowe Smith
Rachel McNeish
Richard Barker

Well done to all of you!

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8 Responses to ‘Seagull’ Flash Fiction Competition – The Longlist

  1. Keith Havers says:

    Congratulations on the WWFS story, Helen. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. julielees says:

    Disappointed I failed to make the longlist, but congratulations to all those who did. Looking forward to reading the winning entry.

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    Well done to all the longlisters. 61 entries… that’s an amazing number of entries, Helen! Also well done for your story in WW.

  4. Tracy Fells says:

    Funny where the ideas come from, Helen. Best not to dwell on it too much. Good luck to all those longlisted in your competition and can’t wait to read the winning entries – the standard is usually very high!

  5. Well everybody!
    Looking forward to seeing the final list. 🙂

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