Writers & Artists’ New Competition

italian flagJust a quickie because I am off, in a minute to you-know-where…(don’t want to jinx it by mentioning The Place but see post below for full explanation!).

But I couldn’t leave you without a mention of the new free-to-enter historical fiction competition that’s just been announced on the Writers & Artists website.

You’ve got until 11th May (midnight!) to submit your up-to 1000 words, which, unusually, “can be standalone story or part of a larger piece you’re working on.”

First prize: £150 and a copy of Writing Historical Fiction: a Writers & Artists Companion and Runners up: £25 each and a copy of Writing Historical Fiction: a Writers & Artists Companion.

Might have a go at this one myself. I rather like these ‘midnight’ deadlines. As I was telling my class today in a ‘do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do’ kind of way, I entered the Mslexia short story competition last Monday and pressed ‘send’ at about 10 minutes to midnight, which was the deadline. (Ooh, I do like to live dangerously!)

And on a slightly different note, if you entered the Writers & Artists’ short story competition (as I did), they’re announcing the shortlist tomorrow, Friday 21st! I won’t have internet access where I’m going (I did ‘um and ah’ about taking my tablet but in the end decided not to. I will probably have withdrawal symptoms…), so I won’t find out who’s on it until Sunday.

But I am taking a notebook and pen, so who knows, I might actually write something!

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6 Responses to Writers & Artists’ New Competition

  1. Jan Baynham says:

    Thanks for the information, Helen. I like reading historical fiction so may have a go at writing something for this. Enjoy your weekend.

  2. philippabowe says:

    Have a great holiday Helen, hopefully with some creative time in between tasting local delicacies and tripping gaily around the city … Frankly I’m shocked at the ten-to-midnight Mslexia entry – after all, I managed to send mine in at 10.35! 😉 I was actually (and sadly) quite proud at getting it in more than an hour from the deadline – like you, I seem addicted to the seat-of-the-pants habit. Ta for the Writers & Artist head’s up – I’m actually working on a historical piece, so you never know…

  3. Wendy Clarke says:

    Have a great holiday, Helen. Hope you get there this time!

  4. Linda Lewis says:

    Enjoy your much deserved break. I would be jealous but as I’ve FINALLY managed to book a proper holiday (Lake Garda, May), I’m only slightly green with envy.

  5. Linda says:

    Thanks for this, I might have a go. I love reading historical fiction but I’ve been hesitant to write any in case I get some of the ‘real’ facts wrong. But I notice in this comp they do say a ‘fantastical element’ is allowed, so that sounds more like my kind of writing!
    Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

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