GOLF: My favourite four-letter word

??????????????????????Oh, I do like a weekend at home.

Especially as, the dog and I are fed, walked and watered and Himself has toddled off for the day to play in a golf tournament.

Which also involves dinner.

And when he comes back, he’ll be glued to The Masters on the tele’ (and the same tomorrow night) which means that yours truly has the whole day and evening to myself to WRITE and POOTLE around on the internet. Ah, it’s bliss.

I know a lot of (mainly) women moan about golf – and Mark Twain famously described it as a ‘good walk, spoiled’ – but I am a ‘merry golf widow’ and think it should definitely be encouraged!

As I pack my man off to the ‘course, I remind myself a little of Charlotte Lucas in Pride & Prejudice (she’s the plain one, who has to marry Mr Collins for ‘status’ and for economic reasons, rather than love. Bless her).

If you’re a fan of the book, you may remember, when Lizzie goes to stay with the newly-weds, Charlotte points out the garden and says, “Mr. Collins tends the gardens himself and spends a good part of every day in them.”

Lizzie: “The exercise must be beneficial.”

Charlotte: “Indeed it is. I encourage him to be in his garden as often as possible.”

And that’s a bit like me and golf. ‘I encourage him to be on the course as often as possible.’

So, if you find your partner/OH/lodger hanging around the house when you want a bit of peace and quiet and freedom, my top tip is: suggest they take up golf!

It takes hours to go round. It takes years of practice to get even remotely good. And, even better, it seems to be amazingly addictive!

What’s not to like?


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7 Responses to GOLF: My favourite four-letter word

  1. Virgoan Scribe says:

    A cheaper way to get ‘them’ to leave you in peace to write is to say, “I’m so glad you are home because I need to have a long chat with you.” (That works with partner!) He soon finds ‘out’ jobs to do. Or with grown up kids I say, “Oh great that you are here. We can do some chores together, that will really help me as my back is hurting, and the toilets need cleaning…” and vrooooooom, they are out the door.

  2. That made me laugh – yes, all very true – and handy advice!

  3. I wish hubbie had a hobby. I often feel like Charlotte Lucas… I wonder if I could get him into golf… Hmmmm

  4. snowdog says:

    So, true. I’m a golf widow, too! 😉

  5. charliebritten says:

    Good strategy there! Mine gives me windows for writing by doing music.

  6. Linda says:

    Yes, I agree, hobbies are very useful. Nobody into golf in this house, but since my other half bought himself a little sports car that needs constant ‘tinkering’ we’re both enjoying a lot more ‘me’ time!

  7. philippabowe says:

    I hope the analogy with Charlotte goes no closer than that Helen – Elizabeth concludes that Charlotte wants her husband out of the house as his self-important pompous stupidity is too much too bear all day long!

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