Happy (rainy) Easter Sunday

Easter Eggs 001We had a bit of a family ‘do’ yesterday at our place. This involved me cleaning the house for about two days. And shopping. And cooking. A lot.

Which, actually, I didn’t mind.

The sun shone, the food, although I say so myself, was mighty fine and Bonnie-the-dog impressed everyone as she dashed around her agility course.

But then my nephew, niece and sister-in-law disappeared off home at the end of the day without their Easter eggs! Which are now sitting in the hall, along with a Christmas present that I still haven’t delivered (it’s a calendar, which makes it even worse).

The choccies may be there for some time. (Or until I eat them). Did they get too many? (Egg-cessive?) or did they just simply forget them? (Eggs-asperating!).

Flash Fiction Competition

Now, I don’t claim to completely understand this but if you’re into ‘flash fiction’ then you might be interested in this free competition, run by Roastbooks to ‘celebrate the launch of Bookimbo in beta’ (I know, it’s like double dutch, isn’t it?)

The winning entry will be published by Roastbooks and made available for sale on Amazon. The winner will also receive fifty copies and £150.

To enter, create a Bookimbo account, and using the Bookimbo editor, create a book of flash fictions.

Each entry should consist of between four and eight flash fictions, each no longer than 1,000 words. All entries must be original and unpublished. The closing date is 22 May and it’s free to enter!

To Brag, Or Not To Brag. That is the Question.

On the writing front, I have had a few successes in the past couple of weeks and it’s time to share them. (*Bragging alert!* If you can’t bear to read on – and I quite understand – then please feel free to skip this bit).

My story ‘The Normal Course of Events’ has come first in the Chudleigh Phoenix 2014 Short story competition! I had a phone call from the organiser, with the good news, at 7.30pm on a Friday night, when I was just tucking in to my second (medicinal) glass of rose. So it all felt a bit surreal!

The story’s not on the site yet but it will be ‘by the end of April’, so if you are interested and can remember, pop back then!

When my brother was little, he was adamant that, in the same way that ‘a couple’ means two, then ‘a few’ must mean three and ‘some’, according to him, absolutely meant ‘four’! Well, in that vein, I have had ‘a few’ more stories accepted by Take A Break magazine – also on a Friday night but by email this time. Friday nights are my ‘witching hour’ at the moment!

This made me very relieved. I don’t have to say ‘I had one story accepted by TAB but they never took another one’ (ah, that old ‘one-hit-wonder’ phobia), but equally I feel a strange sense of ‘pressure’ on me now, to produce more goodies – (and what if I can’t?!). Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a writer. We’re never happy, are we?

To my shame I must admit that I haven’t – yet – read a single novel by Nobel laureate Gabriel García Márquez who has recently died but I read an article about him in the Guardian and he was clearly a very modest man.

This is what he said on fame: “I don’t really like to say this because it never sounds sincere, but I would really have liked for my books to have been published after my death, so I wouldn’t have to go through all this business of fame and being a great writer.”

I feel all kind of humbled now. 🙂

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9 Responses to Happy (rainy) Easter Sunday

  1. Wendy Clarke says:

    Bet those ‘few’ have cheered up your Easter, Helen. Brag all you like – I would!

  2. Congratulations on all those successes, Helen! And if those Easter eggs need a new home then I could always oblige ….

  3. cathos says:

    Well done on your successes. It can be such a motivator.

  4. Tracy Fells says:

    Congratulations on the Chudleigh Phoenix win, Helen. Will look out for the story. And good news on TAB sales. I too am worried that I’ve only sold one to them to date, but have 3 out at present so fingers crossed.

  5. Congratulations Helen, brag away, we’re proud of you. Enjoy the eggs-citing chocolate bonus as well.

  6. Congratulations on your successes. Isn’t it strange how we long to win something then feel embarrassed to tell anyone when we do? Is this a British thing, or a writerly thing, do you think?

  7. julielees says:

    Wow, Helen! You’re fair zipping along with the competition win and TAB sales. Congratulations, and may your success long continue.

  8. charliebritten says:

    Well done, Helen. If you can’t ‘brag’ on your own blog, where can you? Well done again.

  9. philippabowe says:

    Excellent news about another win Helen and more TAB stories – well done!! And it’s really not bragging – you’re sharing the joy, plus encouraging the rest of us to keep at it, which you are very good at. I look forward to reading your winning tale.
    Thanks for the Roast Books info, might be worth a shot. Tho’ I just signed up on bookimbo and felt slightly concerned about the mention “you have a free account until June” – does that mean they start trying to invoice you from June on? The FAQ section does talk about free and paying accounts, but no actual sums…
    I was very sad to hear of Gabriel García Márquez’s death, tho’ he had a long and creative life. I have read quite a few of his books and loved them for the beautiful writing, humour, humanity and magical dimension.

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