Poetry, Please! (My 400th post!)

DollopsEek, according to my WordPress ‘stats’, this is my 400th post (I’m saying ‘eek’ because I’m just wondering how many words and hours that adds up to! But, to paraphrase L’Oreal: You’re Worth It!)

Anyway, it’s a milestone, so I thought I would dedicate the 400th post to that much-neglected art: POETRY.

Waitrose Poetry Competition

Waitrose supermarket has teamed up with esteemed poet, Roger McGough, to launch ‘A Year of Poetry’.

Roger has written 16 ‘light-hearted’ poems, which will be on display in Waitrose stores and now there’s a competition, too!

Poems must be between 2 and 8 lines and should be related to the world of food and where it comes from. They should be ‘thoughtful and friendly, and perhaps funny’. There is no age limit for entrants. Please include your name, address and age with entry.

There are 2 ways to enter:

Post: Waitrose Year of Poetry competition, Publications, Marketing, Waite House, Doncastle Road, Bracknell, RG12 8YA
Email: weekendcompetition@waitrose.co.uk

There will be 4 rounds, 1 a month, until September. The closing date for round 1 is 12 noon, Thursday 15 May, 2014 BUT you can only enter once – so make sure yours is a ‘goodie’ before you dash it off!

It doesn’t actually say what the prizes are (apart from the glory of being picked by Mr McGough and seeing your ditty on display in Waitrose!) but it sounds like fun – and it’s free to enter – so might be worth a go?!

What’s next, I wonder? Monologues for Morrisons? Sonnets for Sainsburys?

‘Judge The Poet’ – and my sheepishness

And still on the subject of poetry, I went to a charity afternoon tea event last week at this fabulous place, Foxhill Manor (you can hire it for Christmas – complete with butler – ‘from’ £5000 a night!)

Foxhill Manor

Anyway, as part of the entertainment, they had a ‘spontaneous poet’, called ‘Judge’.

Wow! He was amazing. He asked for 3 random words from the audience (some of ours included ‘saxophone’, ‘pistachio’ and ‘Roger Bannister’) and then he ‘spontaneously‘ made up and recited a rhyming poem. On The Spot. Including all the words. And it made sense.

Have a look at him in action here, at other events, if you want to see what he does. In one of the videos, he even managed to rhyme something with ‘orange’ (which is supposed to be one of those words that doesn’t rhyme with anything – like ‘silver’ and ‘month’!)

I felt a bit sheepish, because I’d just been telling everyone on my table (well, they did ask!) what I did for a living. ie: writer, tutor and former regional Poet Laureate.

At the end of Judge’s performance, they all just looked at me.

“Er.. I can’t do that!” I said.

Sheepish. Definitely sheepish.

Image from http://www.ClipartOf.com/

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8 Responses to Poetry, Please! (My 400th post!)

  1. The Waitrose thing sounds fun. I might have a go at this one, thanks.

  2. Tracy Fells says:

    Happy 400th post, Helen – keep it up! The Waitrose comp does sound fun, but I struggle to write poems that rhyme, or rhyme well… Your poetry evening sounded fun too – poetry on the spot takes real skill.

  3. 400 posts is a lot. Well done. And that poetry competitions sounds worth a go. Foxhill manor, mm with butler… no, I’ll stick to Jones manor, and find a nice chap to be butler. He’ll say he already is:))) Sheepish yes, we have to say it then wish we hadn’t don’t we? That happened to me today. From saying I write, it ended up to ‘oh, you’re writing a novel? As usual I was asked, ‘you mean like 50 shades of grey?’ I had to tell them, ‘no, more like 50 shades of earl grey. Life eh?

    • Susan, I think you’ve got a great title for a story there – ’50 Shades of Earl Grey’! Get writing! thanks for your comment. it’s great when you’ve got an in-house butler, isn’t it? Mine gets too much time off to play golf! I think I need to renegotiate his contract..!

  4. Ali Newman says:

    I always find your posts so helpful and am so glad I found your excellent blog. Thank you for sharing all the wonderful competition and submission advice. I am going to have a go at the Waitrose one… Thanks Helen

  5. Sara Khan says:

    There’s a poster in the ladies waitrose toilets on the mirror and each time I look in the mirror, I smile. 🙂

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