‘Love Is All You Need’ – Short Story Anthology (involving yours truly)

Love is allJust a quickie from me because I am off on a girls’ weekend to ‘MK’ and I still need to pack!

Where is that exotic place of mystery, ‘MK’, known to those ‘in the know’, only by its initials (in a kind of ‘KL’, ‘NYC’ kind of way), I hear you ask!

OK, it’s Milton Keynes but HONESTLY I like it – not least because it is the home of one of my best friends, who I have known for (eeek!) over thirty years! (yes, we met at nursery school of course).

And there will be wine and much gossiping. So, what’s not to like?

So, just time to tell you that I have a story in an exciting new short story anthology (so new, there aren’t any reviews yet on Amazon!), ‘Love Is All You Need‘, which is a collection of romance stories (the top ten winners/runners-up and ..err..shortlisted – that was me – from The Sophie King prize 2014). There will be more about this soon, as I’m hoping to have a ‘guest post’ from the lady who wrote the story that actually won the competition.

I’m sure it will make perfect weekend reading, so if you’d like to buy a copy (and simultaneously boost the huge royalties that I’m sure to be receiving) – and maybe even write the first review – then press here – and thank you!

It’s a bargain, in my humble opinion, at just £1.53.

Have a good weekend, everyone! Let’s hope the sun stays out and GOOD LUCK to you-know-what-team in that tournament on Saturday night (just off to pop my England flags on the car…)

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4 Responses to ‘Love Is All You Need’ – Short Story Anthology (involving yours truly)

  1. Tracy Fells says:

    Congrats on making the anthology, Helen. Hope you have a wild w/e in MK – watch out for those concrete cows (if they still exist of course, might be showing my age here).

  2. Sounds like good news all round (and in MK, too!) Congratulations…

  3. philippabowe says:

    Way to go Helen, another feather in your increasingly large cap! And MK weekend sounds great – who cares about the place when you’ve got good (old) mates and wine…

  4. Yes, I agree, Philippa, and we had a great time. On Saturday we did the ‘Open Gardens’ in Woburn (oh, any excuse to be nosy around people’s houses..!) and then we had a fabulous Prosecco afternoon tea. And the sun shone! And we even managed to stay up for the England match against Italy later . but, ahem, the least said about that, the better!

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