Out of This World!

The Round The Island Race (at The Needles). The sea was like a millpond!

The Round The Island Race (at The Needles). The sea was like a millpond!

I’m back.

Given my last, rather painful post, just prior to zipping off to the Isle of Wight, you might have been wondering if I’d thrown myself onto The Needles.

But no. (Actually they were a lot smaller than I was expecting. Maybe they’ve shrunk. Or eroded?).

It was a lovely trip (I can recommend the Isle of Wight! Especially in the sun) and I came back feeling very refreshed (er..for about 24 hours).

And there is a literary connection. Apparently, Alfred, Lord Tennyson, spent many happy years on the Isle of Wight and there’s even a monument to him (didn’t manage to get to that this time, but we’re planning to go back, so I’ll see it then).

Thank you all for your sympathy and kind suggestions on how to beat ‘The Stress’. I am implementing some measures (ooh, get me), to hopefully improve things but I’ll wait a while before I tell you how I’m getting on, as I’m only a couple of days into my new ‘regime’ and it could all go pear-shaped by the weekend.

As I write this, it’s just started to rain and I’m GLAD! Saves me watering the garden. Let’s face it, we can’t cope with too much sun, can we? You know where you are with a bit of rain. (wet)

HG Wells Short Story Competition

I was amazed this week to read about Will Jarrett,who won the first-ever HG Wells Short Story competition, in 2009 at the tender age of 13! No surprise to read that (grades permitting!) he’s off to Oxford University in the Autumn, to read English…

And if you’re interested in entering this year (even though it’s an HG Wells competition, you don’t have to write science fiction. Neither do you have to be a teenager AND you can enter from outside the UK! Philippa and Ninette, please note!), the deadline is 14th July, so there’s still plenty of time.

The theme is ‘FORTUNE’ which you can interpret any way you like but it’s worth trying to write something new, I think. I have a couple of short stories languishing on my PC, which could be tweaked slightly, to fit the theme, but I always think it’s better to try to write something specifically for a particular competition. Don’t ask me how, but I’m sure the judges can tell if you’ve used an old story!

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10 Responses to Out of This World!

  1. Ninette says:

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the Isle of Wight and happy for you that the sun shone. Hope the new regime works well for you. I will take a look at the HG Wells competition…you did mean me did you or is Nina another writer living in foreign climes? 🙂

    • Ninette, I DID mean you – sorry (I’d had a glass of rose!! Can’t think straight!). I corrected it straight away but you probably got the original version, sent to your inbox!

  2. Ninette says:

    No worries…Nina is a good name I’m just a little Nina…:) x

  3. Ali Newman says:

    That is a beautiful picture Helen. We often go to the coastline opposite the IOW – last year at the beginning of September the sea was as you described it a ‘mill pond’. You get some beautiful ranges of colour on the sea and horizon. Love it. Glad you are feeling a bit refreshed – I know EXACTLY what you mean and I don’t even have a day job! EPO and Magnesium along with chamomile and Earl Grey tea help me as well as the essential oils of lavender and geranium. Have just had a lovely hot bath with three drops of geranium – says how I felt when I woke up – now much refreshed. Writing also a saviour. Take care and thanks for sharing X.

    • Ali, thanks for your advice re. the lavender and geranium. They sound lovely and worth a try. I had a massage yesterday (I have one about every four weeks – this is part of my new ‘regime’ and I don’t feel that it’s an indulgence now. Yesterday my ‘therapist’ said I had a lot of ‘knots’ in my right shoulder and along my jaw line, as though I’d been clenching my teeth -pretty sure I do that at night!! aaagh).

  4. hgwellscompetition says:

    Reblogged this on The HG Wells Competition and commented:
    Thanks to Helen Yendall of Out Of This World (a blog about writing) for blogging about our short story competition!

  5. hgwellscompetition says:

    Thanks very much for blogging about our writing competition, Helen 🙂

  6. philippabowe says:

    The picture does look very lovely, and I am very glad you enjoyed the break and recharged your batteries a least a bit. Do let us know how you get on with the new measures – and what they are. If they work, maybe we can all test them out! Thanks for the “non-UK-only” competition tip, I may well have a go – in between the …..(many items on endless list). 🙂

    • Philippa, I will definitely post about the ‘new measures’, in a couple of weeks, when I will hopefully be seeing some results! I think part of The Stress was that I’d been away for two weekends on the trot. I know that sounds lovely, and some people would love to be in that position, so I feel slightly guilty in saying that made me stressed – but it did! Just no time to do anything!

  7. Wendy Clarke says:

    I went to the Isle of Wight this year but it was for a jive weekend so not too relaxing. We did manage to fit in a lovely coastal walk though. Flew over the needles in a tiny four man plane when I was 16 – as it banked over them, I thought I was going to die!

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