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Back from Fishguard, Back to ‘Work’

Hi, I am back from Fishguard and I had a great time. As this was an ‘extra’ holiday that I hadn’t expected to have (long story) and because I’m off to Swanwick for the first time in less than 2 … Continue reading

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I Am On A Writing Holiday!

I am at Writers Holiday in Fishguard! I know, I slipped away when you weren’t looking. And this place, I have to say, is the perfect de-stresser. The sun is blazing down (after yesterday’s …er.. fog! That’s Wales for you!) … Continue reading

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Tips on ‘Womag’ Writing & Anti-Stress Measure no. 2

I whizzed down (across?) to Buckinghamshire last week to lead a workshop on ‘Writing Short Stories for The Women’s Magazines’ (phew, a mouthful!) to the lovely crowd at Chiltern Writers and I really enjoyed myself. I always cover this subject … Continue reading

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I Am Officially A Wuss + A Book Giveaway!

Today is one of those days when I’m trying to keep busy. We took Bonnie the dog to the vet’s this morning to have that operation and I blubbed my eyes out (probably because the nurse was so nice and … Continue reading

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‘Morning Pages’ And A Morning Visit

In an attempt to get some ‘control’ over my writing (lack of it being a main source of ‘The Stress’), I have been religiously writing my Morning Pages for the last 8 days. If you’re wondering what the heck Morning … Continue reading

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