I Am On A Writing Holiday!

Fishguard Bay HotelI am at Writers Holiday in Fishguard!

I know, I slipped away when you weren’t looking.

And this place, I have to say, is the perfect de-stresser. The sun is blazing down (after yesterday’s …er.. fog! That’s Wales for you!) and everyone is very chilled and on ‘Pembrokeshire Time’.

I’m doing a few workshops: ‘Get Creative!’ was yesterday’s and today it’s ‘Mining Your Memory’, followed by ‘Writing Letters for Magazines’ tomorrow and on Friday, a BIG experiment – I’m going to be running a writing competition in the mode of ‘Write Invite’ – ie: on the dot of 5.30pm, I’ll be handing out 3 themes in an envelope and the ‘contestants’ (hopefully I will have some) will have 30 minutes to write a story, using a pen name and then hand it in to me for judging. The prizes are significant!

There are lots of lovely people here that you might know – poet Alison Chisholm, who writes for Writing magazine and judges their poetry competitions and freelance writer Simon Whaley; Della Galton, the Queen of Short Stories (she’s just had her 1500th published! eek!) is coming later in the week to lead a course on.. you’ve guessed it.. writing short stories.

But although there are lots of lovely courses and workshops to go to, I’m not dashing around. I am relaxing and doing some writing of my own (and eating rather a lot, which is what you do when you come to a place like this) and it’s all very lovely.

Winners of The Good Housekeeping Competition

And on a different note (‘Change of Subject!’ as I have to say to him indoors, quite often, because he cannot keep up with my blatherings), if, like me, you entered the Good Housekeeping novel writing competition last year and wondered who the shortlisted and winning writers were, the results are now on the GH website here.

And here’s the winner, Eva Holland…

That’s another one I didn’t win, but at least I entered it! I have awarded myself a brownie point, just for that.

Right, better go. The sun, the bay, the (soon-to-be-served) lunch await me…

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15 Responses to I Am On A Writing Holiday!

  1. Sounds like you are having an amazing time – in very good company, too. Enjoy the writing – and the weather!

  2. Thanks, Marilyn, yes I’m having a great time – and I don’t feel guilty!

  3. julielees says:

    Sounds divine, Helen! I met Della Galton at a Woman’s Weekly event last year when I had a one-to-one session with her as she critiqued a short story of mine. Attended a couple of her workshops, too. She’s excellent and so lovely!

  4. philippabowe says:

    Oh I’m not jealous at all….! It sounds totally fab Helen, enjoy every minute of it!
    As far as I remember, I didn’t enter the GH comp as it was UK only – so I don’t have to feel bad at missing it! I just read one of the winning entries, very good.

  5. Jade Reyner says:

    I didn’t even know that this existed so I followed your link to check it out. Looks amazing. Definitely something that I would like to do in the future. Have a great time! 🙂

  6. Tracy Fells says:

    Sounds a wonderful week, Helen. And Swanwick too in August! Thanks for the GH link – I too had entered and was wondering what had happened. Shame they don’t post the winner’s opening chapter though.

  7. Wendy Clarke says:

    I didn’t enter – but, as Tracy knows, that’s because I had nothing to submit! Hope you’re having a wonderful time in Fishguard – it seems to be the in place to be at the moment.

  8. KH says:

    Sounds like a fab time, Helen. Enjoy yourself. I too entered the GH comp. No luck for me either. At least I didn’t write the whole novel as I did last year! Good wishes Kate Hogan

  9. Ninette says:

    It sounds great Helen, definitely one for the future for me. Don’t think I’m going to make Swanwick this year. 😦 Hope you come back full of new ideas and buzzing with creativity! xx Not that you need help in that direction!

  10. Polly says:

    Looks gorgeous – 1500 short stories? eeek!! Good to see you’re enjoying yourself 🙂

    • I know, it’s amazing, isn’t it, Polly? BUT she has been writing short stories for a long time (from back in the days when there were about 15 magazines that took short stories, including the likes of Bella, Woman’s Realm, Best and The Lady)

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