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10* Ways For A Writer To ‘De-Stress’

You may remember, a little while ago, I felt seriously stressed because life was busy and I never seemed to have time for my WRITING. If I can’t write, I feel grumpy and lazy and ‘wrong’. It seemed to strike … Continue reading

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I Am Back from Swanwick

I was sooo tired when I got back, yesterday, that ‘Him Indoors’ (who should actually be renamed ‘Him Outdoors’, as he spends so much time on the golf course), took one look at me and said, “Hmm, you’re pale.” (not … Continue reading

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A Puzzle & A ‘Swanwick’ Update..

Right, here’s a puzzle for you: In the past few days TWO separate individuals have told me about an article they read recently in The Times about a young, first-time novelist, who’s written a book about a doll’s house, or … Continue reading

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In Which I Make A ‘Spectacle’ of Myself…

Argh, it’s raining! My washing is on the line, getting soaked; we can’t take the dog for a walk (well, we could but it would be a miserable experience and Princess Bonnie does NOT like getting wet) and I’m feeling … Continue reading

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